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My notes . . .

You want to know what's happened so far? Well I'll tell you . . .


He like writing too!

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So, in this episode, we meet Invader Zim, a short, short, short, Invader disrespected by the Almighty Tallest Purple and Red. Planning to get rid of him, they send him to an unknown planet they made up so he could go away, never return, and just die. Zim is assigned a messed up SIR, (Who happens to be very funny and cute) named GIR. However, Dib hears transmission from his house and tried to convince that aliens are coming to his dad, Professor Membrane and his sister, Gaz. (Dib is really cool) Zim and GIR travel for 6 months while GIR sings the doom song. He arrives, and makes his house and disguise. GIR is a dog. Zim goes to an elementary skool and meets the snakelike Ms. Bitters and his new rival, Dib. Dib realizes instantly Zim is the alien and tries to point that out. Unfortunately, everyone just thinks he's crazy. After skool, Dib chases Zim with his alien handcuffs to Zim's house. The lawn gnomes zap it and they turn into nothing. Zim has escaped, but not for long! The Tallest are very surprised when Zim reports to them, and they expect the worst from him in the future . . .


It's Parent Teacher Night in skool and Zim has to bring his parents. Dib is sure that Zim will screw up and he will be found, but Zim will be using his parent decoys. GIR feeds them the parents the wrong information so at the Parent Night, they sort of do screw upFirst, they act perfectly normal, but then the mother starts poking someone and the father loses and arm. However, Zim is not found out, so all is well for Zim.


Zim is trying to test GIR's directional chip by taking him into the city and seeing if he can get home. GIR replaces the chip to make room for the cupcake. Zim has to try to get home but soon he is chased by the police. Zim tried to get GIR to fly him home but he replaces the fuel with the tuna . . .


Zim sees that he is being suspicous to the other students because he does not have any friends. To look more normal, Zim goes to the rejects and runs a test to see who is suitable for Zim's bestest friend. Keef wins. Keef absolutely loves being Zim's bestest friend. Soon, Zim is not suspected and he tells Keef that he can leave him alone. But, Keef still likes Zim so he throws and surprise party and invites some kids over to Zim's house. Zim has a plan to stop Keef from bugging him once and for all though.


In this episode, Dib gets into Zim's house and takes photos of Zim without his disguise. As he watches Mysterious Mysteries the next night, his arms move by themselves! He sees Zim transmitting on the TV screen from inside of Dib's body. Zim makes Dib crush the disk of the photos with his hand. As soon as Dib mentions that he has a master disk, Zim tells him he is going up to Dib's brain to delete the knowledge of where he hid the disk, as well as making him, stupid. Dib goes after Zim with a tiny nanoship, but all goes well, when Gaz plays the "game" and beats Zim. Unfortunately, Dib forgets where the disk is. At the end, he goes to the bathroom and Zim is flushed away.


Zim and GIR are watching TV and "The World of Wars" is on TV. They see that aliens are affected by germs.Zim gets obsesed over destroying all germs in his house, along with GIR bringing the germs back in. Zim goes to McMeaties and sees that the meat has no germs. He goes to skool the next day with an outfit of meat.


Dib gets a thingy that he can see the insides and organs of people. He looks at Zim and he sees no human organs. He is confident that he can prove Zim is an alien because he doesn't have human organs. While Zim goes to the nurse, he steals he organs of the people in skool along the way. When Dib is the only one who has all his organs, Zim chases after him. He steals Dib's lungs (I'm pretty sure) and replaces it with a mooing device. At the end, everyone thinks Dib is the alien.


While Zim and GIR are in the vootrunner, it is overtaken by a bee. Zim brings a tow machine disguised as a giant pig but some other people found it first. They are convinced he is an alien and Zim is brought before him. However, GIR goes in his "government man" disguise to rescue Zim. The rescue attempt is successful, well, sort of, not really . . .


When it rains after skool, Dib sees that Zim's skin burns up in the rain. He is delighted to figure out that water is Zim's vulnerable point. He throws a water balloon at Zim. Zim says to Dib that they will have a "show down" or a battle. Dib and Zim spend the whole time building their creations. Zim finds out what protects him from water: paste. At the battle, Dib comes with his water balloon maker thingy on his back, but Zim has a huge, giant water balloon which he drops on Dib and the whole town. Zim wins, but at the end, he gets stuck in his own toilet.
*Zim puts Gaz on top of his head for an umbrella!* ^__^


Everyone in skool is choosing a career today. Their careers will be decided by the machine when they take a blot test. Zim wants to be lord of all humans, while Dib wants to be a parnormal investigator. Everyone does not get the career they desire, except for Dib. They are paired up with adults who work in their future professions. Zim is paired with a McMeaties worker. Dib is paired up with Bill, a paranormal investigator. Dib notices Zim is scratching a rash on his neck. Dib tells Bill about Zim but Bill doesn't listen. Meanwhile, Zim think if he rules McMeaties, he rules the world. Both ZIm and Dib, though, find out about the Galactic Equinox, that happens today at 5pm. Zim would go into a hideous molt. Dib tells Bill to go to McMeaties, but when they arrive, it's too late.


Dib is going to make a presentaion about his findings on Zim in the Swollen Eyeballs meeting, but he needs his dad's permission, his signature. Dib goes to Proffessor Membrane's TV studio. He has to take an audiance exam and battle to see his dad. However, since Dib did take Gaz's pizza earlier, she is determined to have her revenge by preventing Dib from winning. She succeeds. When Dib is being dragged away, he signs the permission slip and it explodes. The guards are distracted by that and they knock the pizza out of Gaz's hands. Dib goes to his dad's room and he does get the permission slip signed. However, he forgets his suitcase with his findings in the lot.


While Zim takes 3 hours using the bathroom, he installs an announcement that GIR gives. Ms. Bitters' class is to go on a field trip ESPECIALLY Dib. All except for Zim. Dib is suspicous and he finds out while he is on the bus that Zim is sending the class into space, into a wormhole. Worst of all, it's a ROOM WITH A MOOSE!!!!!!!!! It doesn't seem so bad at first, but if that moose is hungry, of course it is. Dib tries to convince the kids to move on the other side of the bus, but they don't want to be near Dib. Dib moves to their side, and the kids move away from him, to the other side of the bus. It sends the bus off course and the wormhole leads to skool. As Dib steps off the bus, he strikes a proud pose.


Peepi, the hamster, is the new class pet. Everyone in Ms. Bitters' class is wild about him and they think he's cute. Zim realizes that "cute" makes humans weak! He makes Peepi grow and grow, hoping that when he destroys the town, everyone will obey Peepi because, "HE'S SO DARN CUTE!" Of course, his plan backfires and Peepi will not listen to Zim and Peepi destroys Zim's house and makes Zim unconcious. Dib has the perfect opertunity to turn Zim in, but he doesn't. Zim decides to send Peepi into space, but, Peepi comes back down at the end.

Zim and GIR are testing the vootrunner by riding in it. Unfortunately, they are seen by the Earth Baby, or another alien, Shnoogums. Shnoogums wants Zim's vootrunner so he and his army can go back to their home planet, leaving Zim and GIR stranded. The baby army becomes one huge baby and starts chasing Zim. However, GIR releases rays of stupidity and the babies become stupid.


Its the annual Family Night Out and its Gaz's turn to pick where the whole family gets to eat out. She wants to go to Bloaty's Pizza Hog, but she needs her brother to go. Dib had just gone spying on Zim and was captured and taken prisoner in space. Gaz goes up there and takes him, and they get on an escape pod, directed by Zim. Zim chases them, but he does not match Gaz's superior video game skills. They make it to the restaurant and Zim chases them there. Then, he sees the guys in coustumes, gets scared, and goes away. Dib wins.


When Dib throws a piece of bologna on Zim's face, Zim wants revenge.  The next day at skool, he places a thumbtack on Dib's chair and Dib sits on it.  Because of the tack, Dib went in the slow but deadly frightening process of  becoming bologna.  Rejected from skool, Dib tricks Zim into poking the tack into himself.  Zim tries to find the cure at his own lab, but his lab thinks there is an intruder: bologna.  He and Dib try to find the cure in Dib's lab: they can't.    In the end they are in a deserted house with only the barking dogs outside who want their meaty bodies for company.


Gaz sees a Game Slave 2 commercial on T.V. while Mysterious Myteries of Strange Mysteries is about to come on.  Gaz is desperate to buy one, but her dad won't let her go unless Dib goes with her.  Refusing to miss his favorite show, they go to the mall where the Game Slave 2 is being sold late.  There is a LONG line and Gaz is furious.  She tricks Dib and says she saw a chupacabra in the parking garage.  Dib runs off and later meets a tribe of rat people while struggling to find the exit.  Gaz, on line, meets Iggins.  Iggins talked non stop and annoyed the #$&* out of her.  When it was Gaz's turn, there were none left.  Pitied by Gaz's wails, the sales guy said there was one for Clarence Wong and she could have it if he didn't show up.  Iggins pretended to be Clarenc Wong and took the Game Slave 2.  Because of this, Gaz takes her revenge and torments and tortures him until he gives it back.  The rightful order is restored! Dib finds the exit.


It's Halloween, and at skool, Dib is sent to the Crazy House for Crazy Boys, for struggling while he was disappearing again into a (his) nightmare world.  In the Crazy Car, he disappears again and is trapped.  He escapes from their grasps, learning that they want to get into the real world.  And to do that, they have to go through his head.  He meets Zim on the real world, begs for help, and when he is disappearing, pulls him with him.  GIR attacks all the kids and steals their candy meanwhile. Dib and Zim try to work together to get out for awhile, but it does not succeed. Dib framed Zim for being him.  Zim saved Dib later, but hurt him a few times before doing so.  Then,the hold made in his head by the Halloweenis was widened by a . .. a thingy.  Zim, not caring about Dib, went through it, bent his spine and was saved.  Dib saw the Halloweenies coming so he went inside his head.  Nightmare Bitters was coming too but horrified by the sight of the children GIR attacked.  She goes back in.  Dib takes a lollipop (in the same posistion as Nny) and leaves.  So, they don't really work together sooooo much.


At skool, the class is "assigned" a fund raiser for Poop Dog Cola Bars.  There is a "mystery prize" for the child who sells the most Poop God Cola Bars.  Zim become obsessed with trying to get the mystery prize.  Of course, there is Dib is also selling bars just to see Zim fail at something else.  Dib does well first, because both sell candy like a human.  Zim starts to sell candy like an IRKEN.  He "blackmails" the huimans into buying the candy.  He sells over 1.2 million (billion?) candy bars. However, there is no mystery prize.  His consolation prize is tuna.  Dib wins adhesive medical strip for selling one hundred.





More coming soon . . .

My notes are confidential to authorities . . .

You watch TV, we'll save the world!

The Nightmare Begins

The Nightmare Begins

Parent Teacher Night

Parent Teacher Night

Walk of Doom

Walk of Doom






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The Nightmare Begins Script

The Parent Teacher Night Script