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Welcome to anyone willing to learn about the paranormal, most particualry, the Irken Invader Zim!

My name is Kree or Agent Kree. I am Dib's official partner. Hopefully we will be able to stop him, "Hopefully"? Is that what I just said? Of course We'll stop him! But when we do, I have different intentions. We'll bring Zim to our side! The Earth's side!

In the meantime, I guess I will have to share our (Dib and I)info about the alien ZIM and his sidekick SIR, GIR. But if you dare show this to the FBI, CIA, or any other stupid "society", well, prepare for a long event of  . . .
Sorry, Well, you get the picture. Just don't show anyone who will interfere with our plan . . .

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Dib and Gaz

Join the Invader Zim Ring, human stink!

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