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This page is pretty pointless if you aren't in my club, however, if you want to join, go to my links and click on the pic of Dib. If you are in my club, then you can go ahead and look at your positions. NOTE: These are all Yahoo IDs.

Kree: InvaderKree
Dib: xmothmanx
GIR: irkeninvader

Almighty Tallest Red:
Almighty Tallest Purple:
Ms. Bitters:
Tak: fateschilddib

Made up Characters:
Ciz: AgentCiz
Invader Chloe: chloeclear

Profiles and Descriptions of New Characters:

Kree: First of all, she has black hair that goes up to back, wears glasses, has black boots, pants, and a trenchcoat, has the same shirt as Dib except it is red. She is the same age as Dib, and goes to the same class.
She has a sister named Lara and a robot mom she created. Lara has no idea that the mom is a robot because it is very realistic. Their parents died.
She is very quick witted. She has a tomboy personality, but it isn't all tomboy. Still, she hates fashion freaks. She is very smart and says some french quotes from time to time. She is VERY strong and knows a lot of martial arts so be warned! Don't mess with her!
She is Dib's partner, best friend, as well as his girlfriend. Don't listen to any frauds who say Dib is their boyfriend. She and Dib have the same interests and they both are trying to stop Dib. Of course, Kree also wants to make peace with Irk and bring Zim to Earth's side.
Most of all, she care a lot about Dib, and will do anything to bring peace. She'll do anything to bring love to the unhappy.

Ciz: She has brown hair that goes up to waist. She has the same trenchcoat, but her shirt has a smiley face, it is yellow, and she wears a skirt that goes to the ground.
Family? I dunno . . .
She has a tough personality, but she can be funny, as well as serious. She is Dib and Kree's friend. She is Gib's girlfriend.
Be flexible when you add her to your fanfic, but more will be coming!

INVADER CHLOE: She is another invader sent by the tallests to Earth. She is pretty successful and tall too. She likes Zim and is jealous of Gaz. Soon, she meets this human called Matt, and they get together.
Chloe has an advanced, girl, light, light blue SIR. It is serious, unlike GIR.
Chloe is calm, and is nothing like Zim. She knows a lot about Earth, but hardly anything about Irk. She doesn't even get the point of invading planets, but she does it anyway.