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About Kree

You want to know things about ME?


My name is Kree Sever, Agent Kree, or just Kree. Nothing else. Okay, so when I'm that character, I live in Dib and Zim's town, but when I'm not, I live in a little town called Port Jefferson in New York. My age? Well I can't tell you that, but my birthday is on May 31.

I REALLY REALLY love Invader Zim, but I have other likes too. I really like to draw, read, write, play sports, and go on the computer. I like anime, and Sailor Moon is not half bad. My fav subjects are Writing, Science, and Math. My fav color is red, black, and purple. You probably know that Dib is my fav character. My fav quote of him is "Do not show any fear! This is me! Without fear! And a 62 pound hall pass." My fav pose is in A Room with A Moose when Dib steps out of the bus. My fav episodes are Nanozim, A room with a moose and hamstergeddon.

I have a normal life. Full of boring chores and skool work, screaming and yelling parents, nothing exciting ever goes on, unless some people really bug me. I like to write poems also about my feelings. (I'm weird, aren't I?) The thing I hate is when every kid in my class calls me a braniac or genius or tells me I'm gonna win something. THAT really bugs me. Invader Zim makes my life pleasurable, interesting, and hey, it's really funny.

I do wish that human computers went faster though . . .