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Where He's Vulnerable By Agent Kree

PG 13 for language, violence, and death.  Almighty Tallest Red thought he had no weaknesses and was certainly not attached to anything or anyone more than Purple.  But, things change in the time of war...

All You Wanted By Agent Kree

PG 13 for language and attempted suicide.  A songifc to "All You Wanted" by Michelle Branch.  Dib can't see a point in life anymore, but can he be stopped before he completely destroys his life?

Johnny And Vi, From a Twin's Point By Quisa Nin

Invader Zim/ Johnny the Homicidal Maniac mix. has Vi, Qui, and
Johnny. PG for couple cuss words and maniacs trying to kill eachother.

The Day Earth Met Vi and Regretted It By Vialtaily Nin

PG13 for violence and language.  The secound part of Vi's life.  She has died but where is she.  Earth?  Will she learn how to live life as a human?  But is she still Irken read and find out....

History Goes Wrong By Agent Kree

PG 13 for violence and language.  Zim uses the Time Object Replacement Device to kill Dib once again.  He succeeds, but the machine somehow messes up and brings him up to a changed future where he is held captive by the least person he would expect, meets up with an "enemy" and is freed by his captive.  Can he fix his mistake in the past?

The Life of Vialtaily Nin By Invader Vi

PG13 for violence and language.  A life about an Irken name Vi.  As she grows up she finds out what she really is, a Dark Irken.  Her family was attacked and now she wants revenge. What will happen?...

The Dawn of Terror by Invader Nak

The Story of Zan by Agent Zan

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Vialtaily Nin