Kree and Dib's Lair of Aliens (Or just Invader Zim)


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The Nightmare Begins Again

The huge robot fist was coming down on the weak helpless, Dib.
"Goodbye, Dib, take this for ruining all my other plans! You'll be first to fall for your weak, filthy, disgusting, planet! You should be honored." taunted Zim.
"You'll never get away with this, Zim! You will get caught!" Dib shouted weakly.
Zim laughed as he launched the robot's fist again and targeted Dib. GIR watched from a distance as he was eating a cupcake and singing the doom song.
"Finally, my rival dead and gone! Irkens will always prevail!" Zim smiled. And he sent the fist speeding down.
"The Earth is doomed." Thought Dib, thinking it was the last thing he would ever think about. He closed his eyes and waited for the end.
All of a sudden, Dib felt his body being jerked away by someone. The fist came down, but not on Dib. The strange figure jumped onto the robot.
"Humans, they just don't know when to give up." Zim sneered.
The figure pushed a few buttons and jumped off. The figure helped Dib up and told him that to hurry away. With all of his aching muscles and bones, he got up and put his arm around the figure and ran.
Suddenly, Dib saw the robot blow up in a huge explosion from afar!
"How did you do that?" Dib gasped amazingly.
"It's called a self-destruct code. It works all the time. Come on, I'll help you get home, you must feel really tired." Said the figure.
Dib looked at his hero. Or heroine. It was a girl. She had long black hair and glasses with the same trench-coat and shirt as Dib except her shirt was red. She wore a necklace with a gold amulet on it. Maybe, just maybe, Dib thought she was pretty.
They soon neared Dib's house. They stopped at the stoop.
"Thanks for saving me, I really owe you one." Thanked Dib.
"No problem." She replied as she tossed her hair and started away.
"Wait! Don't go! Don't you want to come in for awhile." Dib asked anxiously.
"That's okay."
"You hurt yourself on your arm! It's bleeding! I'll fix it for you!" he pointed.
"I'll be fine, it'd really okay." She smiled at him sweetly. Dib blushed.
"Wait! What's your name?! Will I ever see you again?"
"I assure you, we will meet again, real soon. Goodbye, Dib." She said and started walking away.
Dib sighed dreamily, and went inside.
She walked to an empty area of land. She took out a sketchbook and a sparkling pen. She drew a house and a robot that looked like a woman. She drew another girl. Then she wrote something. She looked up and walked toward the house in front of her. She went inside to meet a robot that was very realistic cooking and a girl who was watching TV. She went upstairs and laid down on her bed.
"I wonder if I'll make friends with him." She thought. "Will I even complete this mission?"
She brushed her long raven black hair and cleaned her glasses. She changed into sleeping clothes and turned off the lights . . .

The skool bell rang and class started . . .

Dib walked into class and whom did he see? ZIM.
"Zim, you survived, let's say, the little explosion." Dib laughed.
"Of course, I did. Irkens are let's say, IVINCIBLE! And once I find your little friend who caused the explosion, I'll probably return the favor!"
"Be quiet everyone!" yelled Ms. Bitters. "Today we have a new student. Her name is Kree."
Dib didn't look up. He was too busy drawing a picture of on an autopsy table.
"She looks like Dib." Ryan laughed. So did the rest of the class.
Hearing the comment, Dib looked and stared widely at her. She had black hair and she wore glasses. She looked exactly like the girl who saved him.
"Hey, wait a minute . . ."
"Kree, if you have anything to say, say it now, because after this moment, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER SOUND FROM YOU!" Ms. Bitters hissed.
"Hello classmates. I hope to make friends with you," Kree looked at Dib and he blushed. "And maybe find out a little more about you." As she flashed at Zim.
"You may take your seat next to Dib. Today's lesson is about natural disasters and eventually how it will destroy us all. We are absolutely doomed . . . Doomed . . . DOOMED . . ."
"I believe we've met, Dib." Kree grinned.
"Yeah, last night. Thanks again Kree." Dib smiled. "I don't mean to rush you at all, but you did see the alien in the robot last night, right?"
"Well that alien is that kid over there!" Dib pointed to Zim. "You don't think I'm joking or I'm crazy, right?"
"No, I believe you. I actually know quite a bit about Zim. I already know that he's an Irken Invader and wants to be Lord of all Humans. It's quite easy to tell he's an alien. He's got green skin with no ears. No other human have that qualities!"
"Whoa, how'd you know all that already?"
"I catch on quickly. It's a talent. So I'll help you stop Zim from invading the Earth."
Zim raised his hand.
"Yes, Zim?" Ms. Bitters rolled her eyes.
"I have a desperate need to use that restroom, may I go?" Zim asked.
"Go ahead." She replied.

The bell rang. It was lunch time . . .
"Listen, Kree, do you want to sit with me?" asked Dib.
"Sure, love to." Kree replied.
Dib and Kree walked to the table where Gaz was sitting.
"This is new. You've never brought anyone to sit with you before." Gaz commented. "Come to think of it, I think you've never had any friends before."
"Well I don't see you with anyone. Anyway Gaz, this us Kree. She's the girl who saved me and she believes me when I tell her about the alien." Dib explained.
"Oh, well that explains everything." Gaz rolled her eyes and went back to playing her Game Slave. "Well don't bug me or I will be forced to destroy you!"
"Don't mind her. That's my sister, Gaz." Said Dib. "She thinks I'm crazy, too."
"That must really stink."
"I know."
Lunch was over.
Soon, recess was too.
Back in class . . .

"Ms. Bitters, may I use the restroom?" Asked Zim.
"Go, but hurry up."
"Ms. Bitters, don't you realize that this is Zim's 7th time to use the bathroom, today? Dib questioned.
"8th." Kree corrected.
Ms. Bitters ignored them and went on with the lesson. 10 minutes passed.
"My business is done!" yelled Zim when he came back.
"Well, it was quicker than the last time you went."
"Oh no the last time he said that- This could only mean one thing-" Dib started.
"Trouble." Kree finished.
1 minute passed. All of a sudden . . .
"Attention students! Tomorrow your test scores will be posted up." Started the announcer.
"Test scores? What test scores? We never even took a test this year!" Dib shouted.
"The ones who pass it will be kept in their class." The announcer continued. "The ones who fail, will be placed in a special computer class." Then it stopped. Then, a quiet voice was heard singing "Doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom. Doomie, doomie, doomie, doom."
"Zim is definitely behind this!" Kree whispered.
"Wait, I have a plan. Can you come over after school?" asked Dib.
"I'll be there."
The bell rang again, and everyone ran out.
"Zim, anything you want to confess?" Dib glared.
"It's a little obvious that GIR was speaking into the speakers." Kree added
"What? How do you know about GIR! You just got here!" Zim yelled.
"Whatever you're plotting, Zim, we'll stop you!" Dib shouted.
"We'll? That's a new one! You and Kree! Ha! You can hardly ruin my plans alone!" Zim taunted.
"Actually, when you tried to ruin Dib's history by replacing things with piggies, send his Dib and his class to a room with a moose, destroy Dib's brain, tried to roll Mars over the Earth, and plenty of other times, Dib ruined your plans!" Kree added.
"How did you- I'm going home! I'll find out your secrets, Kree! Just you wait!" Zim sneered and walked away.
"Come on, let's go to my house." Urged Dib. Kree and Dib walked out of skool to Dib's house. "Here we are."
"You've got a nice place."
"Thanks, come one, let's go to my room." They ran upstairs to Dib's room.
"So, what your plan." Asked Kree.
"Well, tomorrow we'll pretend to be absent and sneak in early to check our scores. Then, we'll look in the computer lab for clues." Dib explained.
"Sounds good to me. Let's do it."
"Will you have any trouble pretending to be absent?" asked Dib.
"No, it will be very easy actually." Kree replied.
"Good, I'll meet you at the skool bulletin board, okay?"
The next day . . .

Dib snuck past the teachers and ran to the bulletin board. Sure enough, Kree was there.
"Hey, what's up?" Dib asked.
'Nothing much, except this." Kree pointed to the scores. "Does it seem normal that every kid in the grade failed except Zim?"
"Wait, lemme see that thing!" Dib ran to the list. "Oh my gosh! Now he's really done it!"
"I'm going to investigate. You coming?" Kree asked.
"Count me in!" Dib exclaimed. "And is it me, or does it seem to be a huge coincidence that the special computer course class is right next door?"
They opened the door and found themselves in a long hallway. There were two doors, one at the end of the hall to the right, and one to the end of the hall on the left. Nothing seemed that suspicious. It looked very normal.
Dib and Kree walked to the one on the left. Just as they opened the door, two huge claws each holding a small, round, silver disc tried to place it on the backs of their necks. Kree karate chopped one claw as Dib dodged the other. They both escaped the wrath of the claws and managed to grab the silver discs.
"Well, we made it in one piece." Said Dib.
"You look around here. I'll go to the door on the right." Kree explained and she went out the door and walked into the room on the right.
Dib walked around. It seemed normal, nothing but rows and rows of computers. There was a manual and a floppy disk next to every computer.
"I'll just take one, just in case." Thought Dib as he snatched the floppy disk. "No one will ever notice . . ."
Meanwhile, Kree found herself in some kind of meeting room. There was a stage in the middle and a huge computer on it. It also had a large chair with chains on it, too. Right next to it was a gun on a table. Kree picked it up and carefully aimed it at the window. She shot it and a laser ray melted all the glass cleanly on the window. She shook her head disappointingly.
"This could definitely kill . . ." she thought.
She took out a pad and pen and drew a gun that had flowers coming out of it. Then, another gun appeared. She switched it and held the laser gun.
All of a sudden, she heard the doorknob jiggle. Kree held the gun close to her chest. Slowly, she aimed the gun and fired when the door opened . . .
The laser hit the doorpost. One inch away from Dib's head.
"Hey! Watch where you aim that thing!" Dib shouted.
"It's called a "false attack". It wouldn't be a fair fight if you shot them or attacked them by surprise." Kree explained.
Then she took the laser gun and snapped it like a twig. Dib watched, wide eyed.
"How'd she do that?" Dib thought in amazement.
Just then, they heard footsteps approaching the door.
"Come on! Out the window!" Kree motioned.
They both jumped out the window and started running towards Dib's house.
The door opened. It was Zim. He scanned the room, and seeing that no one was in it, he closed the door. He went to the computer lab. He scanned the room. No one.
"Nothing and no one will stand in my way. Not even Dib or his new freak friend Kree. I will be lord of all humans!" Zim smiled, and he walked out of the room to Ms. Bitters class.

Dib's house . . .

"Okay, let's take a look at this disk." Said Kree. She put the floppy disk into the computer. It downloaded instantly. "Strange, most programs take the longest time to download." She thought. The screen was coming clear and a figure was there. It was Zim.
"Hello, earthling scum. I am your all powerful future lord and ruler, Zim. You will obey me and spread my virus to everyone you know! Now go! Obey the fist!" Zim ordered and laughed evilly. And then, the message ended.
"That's it? How could a message affect anyone?" Said Dib.
"I don't know, but we're going to find out. Come on, let's go back to skool." Kree started.
"But we just escaped from skool! Why do we need to go back to skool?" exclaimed Dib.
"We're going to computer class." Said Kree. Dib stared at her blankly. "Okay, okay, we're going to investigate, but this time, we'll watch the process." Kree slung her backpack around her back. "Ready?"
They slipped pass the skool grounds guards, tiptoes away from the teachers, until they reached the computer classroom. No students had come yet, so they walked into the computer lab.
"Okay . . ." Dib started. He looked around the room. "There are no places to hide in this lab! We'll be caught for sure!"
"That's where technology kicks in." Kree smiled. She pulled something out of her backpack that looked like two joysticks with a red button on both of them. They were connected to each by a long piece of wire. "Push this button and hold it down." She instructed.
Dib did as he was told. Nothing happened.
"Okay, so what was that supposed to do?" Dib asked.
Kree pushed down her red button. "Look into the mirror behind you." She instructed.
Dib turned around. He expected his reflection, but he saw nothing but his surroundings.
"What the . . . How . . . I can't believe it! I'm invisible! Where did you get this thing?! Even my dad can't invent something like this!" Dib exclaimed.
"That's not important right now, someone's coming."
Dib watched as a girl from his class, Mary, came into the doorway. All of a sudden, the claw came out with the silver discs! It took one and stuck it into the back of Mary's neck. She walked to the computer and inserted the floppy disk in. She watched the message with Zim in it and just sat there. More and more kids came in going through the same exact process.
Kree was writing in her notebook. She was taking notes and would look up every now and then, just to watch. Dib watched too. He leaned over a bit so he could get a better view. Just when he stood up, he tripped over Kree's foot, dropped the joystick and it smashed to the ground. He and Kree became visible again.
"Looks like we have some intruders." Sneered a voice. They look toward the door. It was Zim. "Human slaves, obey me! Capture the intruders! He ordered.
Suddenly, all of the students in the room stood up. They walked closer and closer to Dib and Kree. Soon, they cornered them.
"Dib?" Kree asked.
"Do you know a little bit of karate, Tae Kwon Do, you know, martial arts?"
"A little bit."
"I think we should use it right now, on the count of three. One . . ." Kree started. The zombie students stepped closer and closer. "Okay, forget the counting, let's just attack already!" Kree shouted.
Kree and Dib went to a knife hand block position and kicked. They punched a few in the front and the zombie students backed away.
"Jump!" Dib shouted.
Dib and Kree jumped over the students and ran to the door. They locked the computer lab and panted and took a breath.
"Okay, so how are we going to stop Zim? Zim's got complete control over the entire grade!" Dib exclaimed.
"Well, thanks to observing the process, I've figured out a plan." Said Kree. "You see the silver discs are like a TV. There is a "remote control", which in this case is a master computer. The master computer or Zim tells the TV what to do. Our classmates are doing what Zim is telling them to do. They're just like robots. That means we can delete the information Zim is giving them, and the control of the silver discs!"
"That's pretty logical. So we have to find the master computer, and then delete the program. Where are we going to find the master computer?" Dib questioned.
"It's already been done. I've found the master computer. It's in the middle of the meeting room." Kree declared.
Both walked over to the second door and went in. They looked around and saw the computer. They didn't see Zim picking up the gun on the table . . .
"Don't move! Or I'll shoot!" Zim ordered as he pointed the gun towards them. Dib froze as Kree continued to walk around the computer, inspecting it. "Kree, this is a laser gun." Zim glared.
"Oh really? Shoot it! See if I care!" Kree grinned.
Zim aimed it carefully at her, and fired. Dib ran to block her out of the way. He got hit instead- by a flower.
Kree smiled. "Thanks for saving me anyway. It's the thought that counts."
"What? How did this happen?" Zim gasped angrily.
"Oh, that's not your gun." Kree opened up her backpack and took out a gun. "This is your gun!" Zim froze.
"Wow, she's good." Dib thought.
"Now I want you to go on the computer and delete the program for controlling our classmates." Kree ordered. Zim obeyed and finished the process. He handed her the discs and floppy disk for the master controls.
Dib smiled triumphantly. "We did it!" he thought.
Kree smashed the disk and discs with her hand. Then, she thought for a moment and pointed the gun at Zim.
"She double crossed me! I can't believe it! I thought humans were too stupid to do that!" Zim thought worriedly.
"Zim, are you afraid of, WATER?" Kree pulled the trigger and Zim was soaked with water.
Dib burst into laughter, Zim glared at them and jumped out the window and went home . . .

Mission #1: Accomplished


Agent Lea

"Doomed, doomed, doomed, doomed, doomed, doomed, doomed . . ." Ms. Bitters ranted.
"How long do we have to listen to this?" Dib grimaced.
"Even though we are normally supposed to be happy that we don 't have to do any work, this is worse." Kree sighed. "I get so bored of this, I even have skool for myself at home!"
"Same." Dib replied.
"Listen, I have been meaning to talk to you for awhile. Can you meet me at my house?" Kree asked.
"Sure, I'll come, but, I know this sounds sort of stupid, but can you walk me there?" Dib smiled weakly.
"Doomed, doomed, doomed, doomed, go home now!" Ms. Bitters ordered.
The bell rang and Kree and Dib walked out of skool and they went down the stairs. Kree took a left turn and they walked a couple of blocks down the sidewalk, and finally reached her house.
"I've never seen your house before, is it new?" Dib asked.
"Yeah, I guess so, follow me." Kree urged and she led him into her house.
Dib walked in. He saw the TV on in the living room but he didn't catch a glimpse of who was watching. They passed the kitchen and Dib saw a woman cooking. There was something strange about her. Something, inhuman . . .
"Let's go to the roof, would you like to?" Kree asked.
Kree led him through her room into the closet. In the closet, she opened another door. It led to a staircase. They both went up the staircase and got to the roof.
Dib felt a little uneasy, but happy. He was alone, alone with Kree. He looked at her. "So, what did you want to talk about?"
"Well, I know how much you desire to see Zim's guts on an autopsy table, but I have a different idea."
"What is it?"
Kree winced a little. "Well, let's say, Zim was on our side?"
Dib dropped his mouth. "No, no, no, NO! He's our enemy! E-N-E-M-Y- ENEMY! Are you out of your mind?! He'd never, never, never, NEVER do that!" Dib shouted.
"You like to question and doubt things don't you?" Kree grinned.
"And you, are trying to make the impossible, real!"
"Well, just think about it: Zim's and invader and we're humans. Invading is his nature, but is it ours to treat him like dirt or a science test experiment? We should be peacemakers, making friends with him. I mean, really, aren't we just trying to stop him? That's basically what you were trying to do, right?"
Dib sighed. "I guess . . ."
"Besides, think about future invasions. Zim could help us. So, what do you think?" Kree asked.
Dib thought for a moment. "Maybe this would work. After all, my life hasn't been this exciting since Zim came, maybe I don't want to lose him." Dib thought. "Well, as much as I'd love to see Zim upon an autopsy table, I guess it's for the better of the Earth. I'll go with you." Dib replied.
"So that's your decision?"
Kree smiled. "Great. Anyway, that's all I really wanted to talk about."
"Wait, um, do you want to go to Bloaties Pizza Hog tonite?" He asked anxiously. "I promised my sister I'd take her, so I was wondering if you would like to come too?"
"Sure, why not, I'll come." Kree smiled.
"So can you meet us at 7:00?" Dib asked.
Kree paused for a second. "Um, do you wanna go home now? I'm sure Gaz is waiting for you. Not that I want you to go or anything, but you probably want to get started on our homework assignment."
"Well, I think I may need some help . . ."
Kree just looked at him sarcastically. "Dib, come on. You know enough about outer space to write this report." She rolled her eyes.
"Well, I was wondering if I could stay at your house. I know that you're into space and everything. Come on, please?" Dib pleaded.
"Well Dib, if you couldn't think of a better excuse and you really wanted to stay, why didn't you say so?" Kree teased. "Now let's get started . . ."

6:30 . . .

"I'm done, how about you?" Dib asked.
"Yeah . . . Just about . . . There! I'm done!" Kree declared.
"I guess it's almost time to go to Bloaties. I should get going and bring Gaz. So I'll see you later?" Dib grinned.
"Yeah, you know me. I'll see ya." Kree smiled. "Here, I'll come with you downstairs." Kree opened the door and they went down the staircase, through her room, downstairs to the door. "Bye."
Dib had started walking home. He must have blushed, at least one time he was at Kree's house. He finally arrived at home and Gaz was waiting for him.
"Come on, let's go." Gaz urged.
Dib sighed as they started walking towards Bloaties with Gaz, and started smiling. Gaz glanced at him a few times, confused.
"Dib, I've never seen you smile like that before, even when you say you are going to get Zim. What's wrong with you? Gaz questioned.
"Wa? Oh nothing." Dib replied. But all he could think about was Kree. Her black hair that flew with the wind. Her smile that melted all the icy and evil threats. Her eyes seemed to bring light to his world. "I never had a friend before . . ."
They turned a corner and soon reached Bloaties. They walked in and took a table. Dib looked at his watch. It was 6:55. The door opened. A girl stepped in.
"It's Kree! Wait! No it isn't." Dib thought. "But then who was she?"
She had the same trench coat boots and pants. Her black shirt had an alien on it. She had blonde hair in a ponytail. She sat at a table away from them.
"Can we get some pizza now?" Gaz asked.
"Yeah, sure, order what you want."
"Dib, we always order a pizza pie." Gaz rolled her eyes.
"Yeah, okay then order that." Dib said distracted by the girl. She kept on staring at him. He didn't know why, but he tried to look away from her. It was 7:00.
The door opened again and Kree walked in. She too, saw the girl and avoided her. She sat down at Dib's table.
"Hey, I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long." Kree apologized.
"No, not at all." Dib replied.
"I was sorta looking forward to coming." Kree smiled.
"Me too." Dib blushed.
"Looks like you have friends who actually want to hang out with you." Gaz teased.
Dib felt like saying something back to her but he couldn't help but smile. He had never had really said it out loud, but after his mother died, he had been very lonely. He had tried to always talk to his sister, but she always ended up going away. Maybe, he thought he needed a friend like Kree.
The pizza came to the table and they started eating.
"So, who's the girl over there who keeps on staring at us?" Kree whispered to Dib.
Dib turned around and looked at her. "I don't know. I mean, though she wears almost the same exact clothes as you do, she looks okay and seems normal-"
"Lhabit ne fait pas le moine. You can't tell a book by its cover." Kree recited.
"Do you like speaking French?" Dib asked.
"You never know how useful these sayings are or how much advice it gives." Kree winked.
They soon finished the pizza and Gaz was busily playing her Game Slave.
"Can we go now?" Gaz asked.
"I guess I've got to go now. I'll see ya tomorrow at skool." Said Dib.
"I think I'll go as well." Kree added. They walked out the door together.
"Bye!" Dib waved.
Kree waved back. "Bye!"
They turned into separate directions and started heading home.

The next day at skool . . .

Dib and Kree took their seats and sat down. There was an extra desk behind Dib.
"Everyone! Take your seats!" Ms. Bitters shouted. "Today, we have a new student." A girl walked in. "Her named is Lea Canton."
"Is that alien shirt that looks like Zim a new trend?" Kree whispered.
"Who knows." Dib shrugged.
"Lea, take your seat." Ms. Bitters ordered. "Today we will be presenting your homework assignments. Spoo, you're first."
"Anyway, I have a list of plans and ideas about spying on Zim's house and other stuff on a notebook and disk." Kree whispered. "I'll show them to you later."
"Okay, that sounds good." Dib replied.
"Dib, you're next." Ms. Bitters ordered.
Dib went up to the front and read his report.
"Good job." Kree smiled when he sat back down.
"Thanks." Dib grinned. Then he felt a tap on his shoulder behind him. He turned around and saw Lea.
"That was some report, Dib. It was wonderfully written." She commented.
"Dib, I was wondering if you could show me around the town. I'd love to learn more about your town."
"Sure, why not?" Dib replied.
"So how about after skool?" Lea asked.
"Fine with me."
Dib turned around. He knew he had blushed when he talked to Lea, but why?
"So Dib, how I show you my notebook and disk after skool?" Kree asked.
"Sorry, Kree. I told Lea I would show her around after skool." Dib apologized.
"Oh, well that's okay. How about tomorrow?"
"Yeah, that would be fine. I'd love to see them." Dib smiled.
Lea gave Kree a triumphant smirk.
Soon, skool was over. Dib and Lea walked out of skool and began to walk around.
"So, show me some of the places you like to go." Said Lea.
"Well, I don't go out much, but I'll show you restraints and movie theaters and places like that." Dib shrugged.
"Good, I can't wait." Lea grinned.

Kree's house . . .

"There is something about Lea I can't figure out. She's definitely hiding something, and I'm gonna find out what." Kree thought. Computer, run a People Search for Lea Canton." Kree ordered.
Her computer began flashing different faces. At the bottom, a message popped up on the screen.
"Process will take seven days." She read. "Seven days? Who knows what she could do in seven days!" Kree sighed. "Oh, well. I'll find our her secret and her plan . . ."

The Crazy Taco . . .

Dib and Lea arrived at the Crazy Taco. They took a table and sat down. "Thank you so much for showing me around." Said Lea.
"No problem. So what would you like to eat?" Dib asked.
"I guess a soft taco, and a Classic Poop." She replied.
Dib got up and ordered the food. He brought them back to the table, and they started eating.
"So, you seem really smart. Whatever you're aiming for in the future, you'd most likely succeed." Lea complimented.
Dib blushed. "Thanks."
"So, what do you want to be when you grow up?" She asked.
"A professional paranormal investigator. I'm sure you probably don't know what that is-"
"Are you kidding? I want to be a paranormal investigator! Wow! What a coincidence! So have you seen any real ghosts, or aliens?" Lea glowered.
"Yeah, actually there's this alien in our class-" Then Dib stopped himself. "I don't think I was supposed to say that." He thought.
"There's an alien in our class? Tell me more." Lea demanded.
"Listen, I've got to go right now, so bye." Dib left instantly." That was close." He thought.

Dib's room, after skool the next day . . .

Kree took out two floppy disks. She handed one to Dib and inserted the other into her laptop. Dib read through all her notes and plans on the disk.
"Your disk is a copy. The notebook I keep all the notes is in my pocket so no one can steal it. On the disk, you have to enter a password. The password is "Paranormal Investigator". And there is a voice password. That password is the same exact thing." Kree explained.
"Wow, you've got it pretty well protected." Said Dib.
"Well, we can't risk it being in the hands of Zim or alien hunters." She smiled. "Anyway, you've got to promise me that this disk is for you and my eyes only, and that you'll never show it to anyone, do you promise?"
"Don't worry, I promise."
"Good, because I also have some photos, models, and pictures of Zim, without his disguise. It would be tempting." Kree commented.
"As tempting as it sounds, I promise that this disk is safe with me." He promised.
"I knew I would be able to trust you." Said Kree.
Dib felt like telling Kree what happened with him and lea, but he decided not to. "It's probably not much of a big deal anyway. I should be worrying about Zim."
"Well, I guess I've got to go, so I'll see you on Monday, next week." Said Kree, and she went to leave.

8:55 PM . . . .

Dib walked outside and started to walk around the streets, just for a stroll. He walked passed Levon Park and then stopped. "I guess it could be nice to go out here." He thought. All of a sudden, he heard footsteps coming towards the park. He ran into a bush to hide and see who it was. He watched as the person turned the corner and walked into the park. It was-Kree.
"I guess I'll follow her." He thought. She went deep into a wooded area as Dib followed her. Calmly, she strolled through the forest, stepping over stones and plants. She finally reached a clearing and Dib saw a sign that said "Star Point". "Hey, I go here sometimes." He thought.
Star Point: A cliff that was right above a lake. It was where people could see the best view of the stars. Right near the edge, there was a wooden bench that could probably seat four. Kree walked towards the bench and sat down.
Dib walked over. "Hi." He called.
Kree turned around and saw Dib. "Hi." She smiled. "I didn't realize that you were here." Dib sat down next to her. "It's beautiful tonight, isn't it?" She exclaimed.
"Yeah, I like coming here a lot." Dib replied. "So, what brings you here?"
"Well, I come here every Friday night at about 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM. Just being out here makes me feel so calm, relaxed, and happy. It really calms me down and I'm able to think about everything here." Kree answered.
"My mom used to take me out here a lot. I didn't come back much after she died . . ." Dib looked down. Kree put her hand on Dib's hand and smiled gently at him. "So, do you think I could join you on Fridays?" He asked.

Monday at lunch . . .

Dib bought his lunch and started walking to the table he always sat at with his tray. Then, he felt a cold tap on his shoulder . . .
"Dib, I need to talk to you, privately." Whispered a voice. Dib turned around and saw Lea. "Follow me." Lea led him to a different empty table on the other side of the lunchroom, away from Gaz and Kree.
"What do you want to talk about?" Dib stuttered.
"The alien. I think that you know a lot about it, and I think you have some information about it in that disk in your pocket." Lea glared.
"What are you talking about? There is no disk . . ." Dib started.
"There is no need to hide it, Dib. I'm trying to make an offer with you."
"Don't waste your breath. There is no need to. I'd just refuse." Dib smirked.
"Why don't you listen, Dib. If you tell me who the alien and give me that disk, I'll make you rich and famous. No one would even dare to tease you again. You would be respected and called a genius. You would be put in magazines, newspapers, radios, videos, and on TV. Everyone would listen to you. You would be a hero for saving the Earth. You'll get to see the alien on an autopsy table and hold test and studies on it. You'll be able to see it destroyed. You'll get the respect you've always deserved all these years." Lea offered.
Dib said nothing. It was very tempting and he almost took the disk out of his pocket. He stopped himself. "I can't betray Kree, I promised her." He thought.
"Well, I'll give you until Thursday to make your decision. Meet me at the old Woodler's house at 9:00 PM, alone, and tell me your choice." Lea demanded.
Dib got up instantly with his tray and went to the table where Gaz and Kree were sitting at.
"Dib, is something wrong? You look sort of worried." Kree asked.
"No, I'm fine." Dib replied. "I'll keep all of this a secret. I won't even meet Lea on Thursday night." He thought. But he felt Lea's evil glare on his back.

Wednesday Night, 11:47 PM, Kree's room . . .

"People Search completed! Lea Canton found!" blinked Kree's laptop.
Kree went over to her laptop and looked at her description.
"Agent Lea." Kree read. She looked through her description. "She's the daughter of a professional government alien hunter and killer? This is definitely trouble! I've gotta tell Dib!"

The next day after skool . . .

Din started walking down the skool steps. Kree ran out the doors and caught up with him. "Dib, stay away from her! She's a government Alien Hunter!" She exclaimed.
"Yeah right, that's less likely to believe than Frankenchokey." Dib rolled his eyes.
"Dib, you've got to believe me, I'm telling the truth!"
"Kree, if you don't want me hanging around Lea, you could have just told me." Said Dib.
"You don't understand! She's danger to our plan! Just stay away from her!" She shouted.
Dib ignored her and started walking towards his house with Gaz. In the way, he thought about what Kree had said. Maybe it was true; maybe Lea was from the government. "And if it is true, I better go and meet Lea and out what Lea really wants to do." He thought. "I won't tell Kree though. I have to face her myself . . ."

Zim's house . . .

Kree walked up to Zim's door and knocked. She waited a few seconds and the door opened. It was GIR."
"Hey GIR." Kree smiled.
"Who are you?" GIR asked.
"I'm a very good friend of Zim. I'm Kree." She replied.
"Oooooooooo, hello!"
"Anyway, I was thinking that me and you could go for tacos and chocolate bubble gum or something. Then, we'll surprise Zim with a burrito at this very special place I planned. Wanna come?" she offered.
"But you have to promise me you'll be very quiet when we surprise Zim. Promise?"
"I promise!"
Kree grinned. "Then come on, GIR, let's go."

8:30 PM, Zim's house . . .

"Where is GIR? He's been gone for the last few hours!" Zim thought. "Computer, find GIR!" Zim ordered. The computer pinpointed GIR and showed where he was and what he was doing. "GIR? With Kree? With the enemy?" Zim gasped. Zim took a mini computer that pinpointed GIR. "GIR, can you at least no interact with the enemy and cause a threat?" Zim thought angrily, and he started going in the direction where GIR was.

9:00 PM, Woodler's house . . .

Dib quietly walked up to the Woodler's house. Obviously, no one was in the front, so he went to the back. There was Lea, waiting for him.
"So, have you made your decision? Think carefully. One of them holds a terrible fate." Lea glared.
"I'm not going to give you the disk, not even if my life depended on it!" Dib sneered.
Lea smiled evilly. "It does." Lea took out a gun and an ID card. "I'm Agent Lea. I work for the government and I'm an alien killer and hunter. If you don't tell me who the alien is or give me the disk I'll-" Lea paused and fiddled with her gun. "The government gave me permission to deal with anyone who stands in my way. You either give me the disk, or, I'll take it from your dead body." Lea pointed the gun at Dib.
"I'll never give you the disk, and you'll never get the information." Dib replied confidently.
Lea pulled the trigger . . .
Dib felt a powerful force push him to the side. The bullet sang pass away from him by a few feet. Dib looked up from the ground and saw Kree.
"I hope I didn't push you to hard, did I?" Kree grinned.
Dib smiled. "You always seem to save me at the last moment. How did you find me?"
"I followed you here. Come on, let's get out of here. I've got GIR waiting for me in the bushes." Kree urged.
"For emergency reasons." Kree replied.
"You aren't going anywhere!" Lea shouted.
Dib glanced at Kree. "I hope this was one of your "emergencies" . . .

Zim . . .

"GIR should be somewhere around here . . ." Zim thought arriving at the Woodler's House.
"Master, there you are!" The small green puppy jumped out of the bushes. "me and Kree brought you a surprise: a burrito! Doesn't that make you so happy?" GIR exclaimed.
"GIR, what were you doing in the bushes?" Zim scolded.
"Waiting for Kree. She's over there." GIR pointed.
Zim looked and saw Dib and Kree standing together as Lea pointed a gun at them. He began to watch.
"So, Kree, do you know about the alien?" Lea demanded.
"I know a lot more than you'll ever know in a lifetime." Kree sneered.
"Why don't you tell me who the alien is?" Lea smirked.
"Oh no, I'm found out! I've gotta get out of here!" Zim thought frantically.
"You think I would actually tell you. Well, you know what Lea, I'm not." Kree glowered.
"Well, then, I guess I have to kill you both." Lea glared. "Enjoy your last moment."
"I don't know why I'm doing this, but-" Zim took off his wig and lenses and activated the spider legs from his back. He started to walk towards Lea.
Lea dropped the gun. "Who are you?" She trembled.
Zim used one of his spider legs to pick her up. "I am the ALIEN! If you tell anyone about me or dare even come back to this doomed town, I'll reign upon your doomed head with . . . with . . . with alien evil! I will find you no matter what!" Zim shouted. "Understand?"
"Yes . . . Yes . . ." Lea stuttered. "Just please let me go!" she begged.
"Before you let her go, get her Government ID in her pocket and give it to me." Dib instructed.
Zim used another spider leg to grab her ID, and dropped it on the ground. Dib picked it up and tore it into tiny pieces. Kree picked up Lea's gun and snapped it.
"Now, you can put her down." Said Kree.
Zim put Lea back on the ground. Lea, furious at them, immediately started heading away. "I'll avenge you someday!" She shouted at them. "Even you, ALIEN!"
"Man, she sounds like someone I know." Zim rolled his eyes and looked at Dib.
"She forgot the scum part though." Dib retorted.
"Thanks, Zim." Kree grinned.
"Don't think I'll help you again. I did what I did just because you didn't tell Lea about me." Zim glared. "Come on, GIR. Let's get out of here before we are found out."
Zim put in his wig and lenses and the spider legs went back into his back. Zim started walking to his homebase as GIR skipped with him away.
"How did you get Zim to come?" Dib asked.
"Well, I got him to track down GIR." She replied.
Dib paused from a moment. "Sorry I acted like a jerk."
"Hey, no problem. And so you feel better, maybe I was a little jealous." Kree grinned. "So, you wanna get some tacos at the "Crazy Taco" or something?"
"Let's go."