Chapter 2
The Life of Vialtaily Nin

The Life of Vitaily Nin
By Vitaily Nin

On a planet that no human knows about, but many other species do that planet is called Irk on it lives many small, green colored skin, red blue or purple eyed aliens. These aliens call them selves Irkens. The wonders are endless. But this is life for me. I am Vialtaily Nin but everyone calls me Vi. I have lived on that planet for a long time but when comes something to do with an Invasion or some type of Mission we leave and go to where we are assigned. That something was a research job. But I will tell you my story from the start. So let my life story commence!

My life all started in the Irken Maturity Lab. There in the 5th row 12th down was my Life Tube. Next to it was Zim's. I was born on the 7th sector on the 1200th day the 7000th born and the each one that is born on a 1000th is to be a tallest or at lest a tallest in training. I was born 1 second before Zim. So I was to become the tallest and not him. Just that second would change both of are lives. When I was born they made special preparations for those to tallest like what they would be named, what they would dress like, (but I changed that) even the way they would be too. You know the challenges before becoming a tallest. (Your first jobs) Well, soon I as I was free from that tube I knew that life was going to be my way and no one was going to stop me.


Crack went the tube soon as I was brought to life everything changed.
"Welcome, young Irken child," That is what the Computer said to me.
"What, you talking to me, you over grown cardboard box!" those were the first words I said.
Computer, "Go down the hall for your wardrobe and name license."
"OK, fine," I barked at it.

When I got there they asked for the number row you came from so I told them to guess for fun. But the nurse got mad at me and almost hit me. So I told them the 5th row and they knew which one the 12th down and then they where stunned to see me a loud mouth, get a chance to be a tallest.
"You, a tallest, well you do have the charm," said the nurse sourly. (she means by my attitude, the tallest do have a reputation of being jerks.)
"Well, I know that my manners are the best but I do know an insult when I here one, so why don't get my name and parents," I said with anger and a sour face. (We have DNA parents)
"Well your mother is Katala Nin, your father is Velin Nin, and they said if you where a boy your name would be Relm, but you are a girl so they have named you Vialtaily Nin." Replied the nurse.
"So my name is Vialtaily?!" I said surprised.
"Yes, and sense you are a tallest in training you can go down and make a right and get your wardrobe."
"Ok so down and make a right." I asked.
She nods her head yes.

Part 3 The Wardrobe War

So I walked down the hall and just about to turn right but I was not paying attention and ran into someone. That someone was the Wardrobe Keeper. Boy did she have a bad attitude.
"Watch it you little Imp," she snapped.
"Oh, sorry," I said but I was surprised that those words came from my mouth I usually have a witty remark.
"Well, quit standing there and tell me your name," she barked.
Well, with her attitude I just told her. The she gave me an outfit that was, well let me just say that it is not the nice looking to my taste. It was bright pink and white robe that had weird frilly gloves that were pink and white too.
"Well, it is not what I thought it would be," I said with sarcasm so that the Wardrobe Keeper would not yell at me.
"I knew you would like it I wore one like that when I was little," she said like she was in a dream.
"Yea, and it looks like someone threw up no it," I bursted out and then ran off.
"Oh, you come back here and get this on or I will force you to," she said running after me.
"No one can force me to wear that piece of road kill," I said back to her then laughed.
"Get back here you, little bug!"
Then I ran into a wall, of course I was not watching where I was going. I was looking back the Wardrobe Keeper. Then she caught you to me then drag me back to the wardrobe room and made me wear the "robe rode kill."
"Yick," I screamed has I look down at the robe and gloves.
"Well, take a look in the mirror and then maybe you will like the way you look in it," she said with stern voice.
I did but I was not amazed at the clothes. It was my face, I had very light green skin, big square eyes that were different then the others I have seen, they were dark red and had black and blue marks in them, and my antenna were curled and very sharp at the ends like human arrows.
"Wow, I never saw any of you like this," I said with wonder in my voice.
"What do you mean, kid?" The Wardrobe Keeper said questionably.
"My face it is different," I said still with wonder.
"Oh, I thought it was just the lighting in here. Don't I look wired too?" she said a bit scared.

Part 4: The Legend

"No, your eyes look normal, oval and pink. Your face is a nice color and your antenna are curled but not arrow pointed," I said scared too.
"Well, I don't know. Maybe you should leave and go to the Irken Training Office. You have spent a lot of time already," She said nicely for once.
"But, what about my face!" I cried out then I rubbed my eyes to see if it was just something in them. Then It became worse my eyelashes must have been stuck under the each other because when I rubbed my eyes, big rows of eyelashes stuck out.
"Great now I look worse!" I screamed.
"Wow, I know this from some where," she said still in shock.
"What, from where, where I must know!" I said.
"Well, it is a legend a prophesy," she told me.
"They say that a young Irken will be born on a 1000th and it will have unusual eyes and skin. The antenna will have sharp razor points a the ends. This Irken will become very powerful and never give up but if this Irken becomes evil all of universe will die and suffer their wrath. The young one will go to a planet that will not destroyed at all because it will have a cause that will be unknown. If it is a female she will have to train in speed, strength and mind. The male will fail at all costs and the universe will be doomed," she said will thought.
"Well, were are is this Irken Training Office then tell them that I, Vialtaily Nin is coming for a long visit and many of them are not going to enjoy it," I said then laughed evilly.

Part 5: The New Kid at Training

"Ok, I will tell then that you are on your way," said and then went to call them.
"By the way can I please get a different pair of clothes," I said a bit angry.
"Fine, just shut up about it. Pick up what you want," said with defeat.
So I did I looked around the Wardrobe Room was like a human store. I found a shirt that was a dark blue and had 3 black V shaped stripes on the front. Then a pair of black baggy pants with red stripes down the sides and a pair of boots and gloves with 2 wide fringes that were shaped like my eyelashes. So I took of that poor excuse for a robe and put on my new outfit.
"Ok, so I told them the information they needed and you should be on your way," she said and then smirked.
"Ok!" I said quickly and ran out of the room as I run you can here a small thud in the Wardrobe Room and a loud scream that sounded like my name. I will tell you what I did. I made a catapult out of so the clothes in there and some rope I found in an equipment room next door. It was to set off when she trips on the rope on the that is near the floor. Boy was that fun.
Soon I got to a building that was pretty big it was the Irken Training Office. I stepped in and went to the Enrolling Room. When I got there was a few other young Irkens in front of me. Some of them looked serious and others nervous. Finally it was my turn.
"Name," said a Irken like he was bored.
I looked at him like he was weird then said, "Vialtialy Nin."
"Ok," then taped a few keys on his computer, "you are in the 'K' Training Room."
"Thank you, you boring piece of trash," I said with discussed.
"Thank you, hey, what did you call me," He angrily said.
Once again a ran out of the room and went to the Training Skool. I stepped in the room and told the Training Teacher that I am in this class.
"Class we have a new student she will be with us for the rest of the semester," the teacher said with a happy voice.
"Yay, cool, yea, whatever," the class said some cared and other didn't mind.
"Great, just what I need a class that is boring as a pail of rocks," I said bored.

Part 6: Friends and Foes Which One?
"Ok class lets make are new student feel welcome and say are name and what are rank is," the teacher said with a big smile, "you go first ok." Then pointed to me.
"Ok, my name is Vialtaily Nin and my rank is a tallest in training and the prophesy holder," I said with pride.
The whole class then looked up at me. Some surprised others mad that a short female got to be so lucky.
"Ok, now lets start with the front row and down, you are next," she said and pointed to a thin male Irken.
"Good thing this class it not too big or I would be stuck here all day!" I thought.
"My name is Nelom Tril and my rank is level 2 soldier," the thin Irken said.
Then the rest where like that soldiers at low and high levels, young Invader in training, and others. I stopped lessening after a while and start spacing out. Don't worry I learned there names soon like my lessons. But they learned my name fast and made fun of me because I am smaller then everyone but one or two kids.
Years went by and I grew but still a shorty. But when I grew so did my strength and mind. I would all ways win games like who can run the fastest, how strong you were and if you can do other things like that. I made friends with the 2 other shorties. One was a female that was a little younger then me she's my sister named Qiusha or just Qui. Then there was a male he is around my age his name was Velon or just Vel. They called me Vi because I started to dislike my longer name and if anybody called me that (no teachers though) would have to fight me. All have lost.
Then one day a was called to the Tallest.

Part #7: The Meeting
So when I got the transmission from the tallest this is what happened.
"Hello, hello is this thing working," said Red questionably.
"Of course stupid so who is..." said purple then reads from a paper, "Vicalmey Nikle."
I knew it was me but he said my name wrong plus my full name I hated that. That is when I got up and I was going to give them a taste of my power.
"Excuse me but no one goes buy that name in this class but I am a Vialtaily Nin is that what is says, you....." I said nicely at first then with anger and discussed but when I was about to finish my friends came up and put they're hand over my mouth because they knew that I was going to say something nasty.
"Well, we can't tell because the writing got smudged," Red said.
"But we think that is the person we need to see, the legend holder," Purple said.
Then I pulled away from Qui and Vel but as I did they flew back and hit some desks. "I am the Universe Keeper, so when do you want to see me," I said with pride.
"W-well we can see that n-now, come and s-see us t-tomorrow," they said shocked that I did that to Qui and Vel.
"Ok then," I said and then smiled.
The transmission turned off. Then I looked a the class then teacher. I was happy to be able to meet the tallest.
"Sorry about that," I said and helped Qui and Vel up.
"Sure, Vi whatever you say," Qui said then hit me in the arm.
"Hey, youuuuuuuu," I screamed then pounced on Qui.
We fought, but then the teacher pulled are antenna to make us stop. When we stopped and stood up as we did the class gasped.
"What are you all staring at," Qui and I yelled.
"You guys better look in the mirror," said Vel.
When we did we were both covered with bruises, cuts and blood.
"Wow," we both said, "we tore the each other a part."
"Sorry Qui," I said sadly.
"Me to," she said, "man, are you strong." When she finished she fell to the ground.
Soon as she fell to the ground we all rushed to her.
"Not!" she yell then hopped up and laughed.
"Well, that is enough you two, go home and get cleaned up and I never want you two to do that again," she said then went to the class door.
When we left to go walk to are small building we started to mess around again. When we got to the building and went in guess who came to yell at us.
"You two are always getting in to trouble and never leave each other alone," that is what are elder keeper told us. (are mother and father died in a battle and also many don't get to see their parents)
"Well, we do keep up with are studies," Qui said then hit me on the back, "right Vi."
"Yea, and I got a transmission from the tallest today too," I said then hit her on the back too.
"Well, get cleaned up and then tell me about it, you two are a mess," Lom (that is her name) said discussed and pointed to the stairs to are room.
We went up and cleaned and bandaged the cuts and scraps. Then changed out of the blood stained cloths.
"So what do you think the tallest want to talk to you about," Qui said then pulled her boot on titer.
"I don't know or care but they better no say my name wrong again," I said then clenched my fist then started to hit the air like it was the tallest.
"I'm home," a voice called out as the door closed.
"Great not he's home," Qui said the sighed.
"Good he's home," I said delighted and ran down the stairs.
Qui followed me down. When we got to the living room there was a little Irken standing there he was younger then us. He was are brother named Zyn.
"So, Vi you are going to go see the Almighty Tallest tomorrow, that is so neat," he said then gave me a hug.
"Yup, so how was your training today," I asked him.
He gave me a big smile then told me, "I learned about you, well, I mean the legend."
"I remember learning about that, I had to be a chart for the teacher," I said then laughed.
"So, you also got in trouble too, I bet Qui started it," Zyn said then looked at Qui. (you could say that I was the favorite sister because Qui always would pick on Zyn)
The next day I got ready for the meeting with the tallest. Lom made sure that I wore something nice but I told her no pink or white. Still it had to be a robe but this one I liked it was red and black with blue trim at the bottom. As I was about to leave Zyn hugged me good bye. When I got there I went to sit in the waiting room for my meeting. While waiting I took out my Walkman and listen to music. When it was my meeting the person next to me had to poke me to know it was my turn.
"So you wanted to see me, Tallest," I said.
"Yes, we wanted to talk about the legend," Red said.
"We want to know if you have learned about your power yet," Purple added.
"Yes, of course I have and don't worry I am not going to over run you two," Said and then leaned on a wall next to me, "so can I leave yet I am bored of this."
"What, you know what this was about," Purple said then sighed.
"Yes, I can read minds that is one thing I can do," I said then left.
"Wow she's good," Red said then Purple nodded.
As I went back home Training was let out so Qui and Zyn saw me walking home and run up to me.
"So how went the meeting," Zyn asked.
"Boring," I replied.
"Boring, boring, nothing happened that was intrusting," Qui said surprised.

Part #8: The Life of Hate/Love Which?
Soon as I got home I went to our (I share with Qui) room and laid down. For some reason I felt like my life was nothing and had no meaning besides the legend holder and that was not what seemed special nor "neat." All I felt like doing was crying because loneliness was running threw me. I know my family loves me but I longed for something but I don't know what it is. Soon I was crying for hours tell my Qui came up to our room.
"So nothing at all was special at all about the meeting," she said with despair and upset.
"Could you just leave me alone for once," I hissed at her. Then she saw I was crying.
"What is wrong Vi," said asked worried, "did the tallest tell you something that is sad to you?"
"No, it's not them some reason I wanted to cry but I don't know why," I said upset and confused.
"Weird, can I help you in any way you know that I can do help just let me," she said with love then sat down hugged me.
"I don't know what's wrong it feels like someone is tearing me a part on the in side," said looking in my sister's big purple eye's but it was hard to because glass covered them.
"I don't know what that is like but I do know how it feels to be lost without Mom and dad," she said still hugging me.
"That is what is like but without Mom and dad part," I said while crying.
Then someone knocked on the door. It was little Zyn. He came up on the other side and hugged me too.
"Big sister why do you cry," he said looking up me.
"I'm not sure but it is silly too," I said then smile and hugged him hard.
Then something happened like something snapped in me. Pain ran threw my head. I fell to the floor then screamed. My sister and brother tried to get near but when they did they got shocked by a strange light. I stood up and held my head, the pain ran threw it hard.
The pain got so bad that I fainted. When I woke up (or wasn't) I was in a dark filled room with only a small window that bared only a little light. In the room was a picture of my family before my parents died but when I got near it, images in my mind would appear the image were my mother and father dyeing it was like I was there and I cloud feel there pain. So I backed up and it went away but when I backed up too far it would come back. So I had to stand there and not move. Then the pain, loneliness, and crying came back. Standing there alone with pain was unbearable. Just then an image of a planet came to my mind it had 1 moon and other planets were near it they all orbited a golden sun. I never saw it before but that one planet called to me.
Then I was back in my room with my sister brother and Lom near me.
"You are a wake, good," Lom said with relieved.
"Yes..yes I am but I saw a planet when I was in a dark room," I said then looked at Qui and Zyn.

Part #9: Mission(s)

So years have past and not much has happened, just that I did research on the planet in my visions. It is in a remote area not very big and the moon is OK size. I sent a camera to the area to look around. It is not there yet but close.
I have gone to Invader training with my sister we don't get to see my brother as much because we have to go to Invader Training, Tallest Training, and work in the Irken Armada. I have met more Tallest in Training and Invaders.
Then Operation: Impending Doom 1 had came and I was sent on my research mission to the planet that I found out about but my sister was not sent any where and I had to go alone. Then I learned about a not finished project called: High Quality Information Retrieval Unit (or just QIR) it was in testing stages at the time and gave me one to test while I was on my mission. (Didn't work so they made SIRs)
"So I will be going now, see ya," I said to the tallest has I went to the Ship Parking Lot.
I had the deactivated QIR under my arm. Then I stopped in front of my Voot Cruiser. It was the one out of the ordinary colors. It was black and red, it had a Irken Symbol in dark blue. Before I went in I activated the QIR unit. He had red eyes, blue joints and black compartment.
"QIR reporting for duty," replied the little bot.
"Well, lets get going before every one is leaving because I hate traffic," I told him.
"Yes, master," QIR said and jumped in the Voot Cruiser.
As we left I saw an explosion on Irk it was easy to see from Conventica because how big it was.
"Wow, we will have to change are plans," I told QIR and flew ford Irk.
"Master their is the problem," QIR cried out and pointed to a large Irken Destroyer Robot.
I looked in side it and saw a small Irken laughing hysterically.
"QIR pilot the ship," I commanded.
I jumped out and took out my laser gun and shot the glass window.
"Ahh," cried out the Irken the ducked.
Then I shot all of the control boards. The armada soldiers cheered.
"So what where you doing in the first place," I told the Irken pulling on his shirt, "and what is your name so I can report you."
"I didn't know that I was still on the home planet," he said.
"I want your name not excuses," I said then pulled harder.
"Zim," he said then pulled away.
"What about you guys down here what was going on," I asked.
"We tried to tell him but he wouldn't lessen," one of them said.
"Better not be lying none of you better," I told them, " and has for you, Zim your coming with me and has for all of the rest shall fallow."
"QIR park the ship and come to with us we will wait," I called to him.
As we waited I got the rest of there names.
"So who do you think you are any way," Zim asked me with an angry voice.
"I am Vi the tallest in training and the keeper of all of your lives," I told him.
"What do you mean keeper of all your lives," Zim asked then looked at me strangely.
"I mean by legend holder and if you don't shut up I mite what to kill you all," I said with an irritated voice.
Soon QIR came back using his jets. Then went to see the tallest.
"Sirs, I have found these trouble maker but I am not sure about the Armada Soldiers," I told them.
"We saw the hole thing," Red replied.
"So Zim you have done something stupid again," Purple said then looked at him.
Then a large sound came from the Parking Lot. Then you can see a large mushroom cloud appeared out a window.
"Wow what was that," the tallest said.
"Ooppss," came out of QIR.
"What do you mean oops," I yelled at QIR, "what did you do?"
"I hit the self-destruct button of the Voot..." he replied as he said that I put my and over his mouth.
"What, you have put a self-destruct button in there," All of them yelled.
"I didn't know a robot would hit it on accident," I said.
"Zim and Vi should both be bashed for distorting our planet," Red said.
"I agree," replied Purple and all the Armada Soldiers nodded.
"To where," I asked.
"Foodcortica," the tallest replied.
"Fine," Zim and I said.

Part #10: New work
That is when I just remembered, my sister and brother. (Lom left because I was old enough to take care of Zyn.) I had to see if they were ok. So I ran out of the building, forgetting about the tallest and others.
"Soldiers get her bring her back, make sure she wont she wont get way," Purple yelled out.
"Sirs, can I help you in any way," Zim quickly asked.
"Yes, you can help get her back here...."
I couldn't hear the rest because I was to far way, but I knew they let Zim help. "Darn," I thought "I should have told them."
It didn't matter now, I had to see if they were OK. I kept running, I looked behide me to see if they were following. Yes, many, Zim in front. "He is small, so he is fast," I thought. Just then more soldiers came but they were in ships, small ones. I knew that I had to get rid of them. So I took a fuel capsule for my Voot Runner and popped it open. The fuel split out. As it did I ran in a zig zag line. Then threw the cap. on the ground and took out my laser gun and shot the capsule. Flames filled the sky. "Good, that should stop them for a bit" I said aloud.
The ships still came. This time I pulled out a 5 small, blue balls from my pocket. They where electric nets, they exploded open on impact. I threw 1 at each ship soon they were all shut down by the electricity. That is when I remembered about QIR.
"I know what I can do," I thought aloud.
That is when I put my thumb and index finger in my mouth and blew hard. I loud piercing whistle came out. Soon a large dust storm came and at the beginning of it was QIR.
"Master what is it," QIR asked with a serious face.
"I need you to come with me, plus I need a ride," I told the little 'bot.
That is when I jumped on the 'bot's back and told him to turn left or right. Soon we came to my house, it was still there. Well, half of it. I went inside no one then outside I saw my sister. She was fine, that is when I didn't see my brother.
"Qui, where is Zyn," I asked quickly.
"He... he is at the Attentive Care Unit, he was hurt badly," she said then started to cry.
That is when rage and anger came strongly. I wanted to hurt Zim so much. I wanted to see him suffer.
"What happened here," I asked.
"A Leikan War Ship came and shot the house they said that the y wanted the Dark Irken," she said through sobs.
It was not Zim, it was Leikans and something told me that I was the Dark Irken.
Well, if they wanted me the were going to get me.


Kree and Dib's Lair of Aliens (Or Just Invader Zim)

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