The Life of Vialtaily Nin


Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Part #1: Emotions
So when I herd about what happened to my brother. I knew that someone was going to have a talk with me. I went to my sister and told her about what happened with my mission and what I did.
"Man, you can be stupid sometimes," she said with a small laugh.
"Well, I knew that would cheer you up a bit," said while smiling.
That is when QIR shyly poked his head out, he was hiding behind me.
"Who is that," she said pointing at the 'bot.
"This is QIR, my little helper," I said as I picked him up and gave him a hug.
"Can I see him," she asked?
I gave QIR to her she held him up then said a kind hello.
"Hi, you are the cutest little thing I had ever held," she chirped.
"Mistress, who is this," he asked.
"She is my sister, Qui," I told the 'bot.
"Oh, hi," he said then jumped from her arms.
"Well, can we go see Zyn," I asked Qui.
"I guess we can try," she and sniffed a little.
In the background voices can be herd, the soldiers.
I cursed under my breath, "lets get going now."
Well, that we run toured the northern part of the city. Soon we came up to the light red hospital. We stepped inside then walked up to the desk.
"Can we see a patient," Qui asked?
"Well, what is his or her name," the Irken behind the desk asked.
"Zyn Nin," we said at the same time.
"He is in a medical tube right now, he is in a criterial state right now, fetal," she told us with a frown.
With a few more curses, "I should have gone here first to see if you were safe," I said it if I was talking to him then to Qui I yelled at her, "why didn't you get him out of there."
"Well, it happened so fast I was scared," she said then started to cry.
"Sorry to bud in, but I just got a word that Zyn is dying," she clamed.
I jumped over the desk and grabbed her shirt. Even if she was a little taller then me I pulled hard and lifted her off the ground, "Tell me where he is, now, speak now or die," I yelled at her then threw her agents the side of the desk. I held a Lagger to her neck. (A Lagger is a type of Irken dagger)
"Go through the doors down the hall then turn to the right," she whispered.
"Thanks and by the way I am taking you with me, Qui lets get moving," I told them I let the Irken get up.
I pulled on the nurse as we ran down the hall. When we got there I saw him, Zyn, he looked so helpless. Qui cried a little, I run up to the tube and put my hand on it. Zyn looked up at me and slowly put his hand on the tube, a weak smile came a crossed his face. He mouthed a few words it was 'I Love You.' I did the same, Qui walked up to the tube and did the same. Then the nurse walked up and said that we have to leave now or she would call security.
That is when I snapped "you what us to leave are little brother, well think again!" I screamed. I took the Lagger and put it on her neck, "you where asking for this, you tel' nolse'ne velwe Irken," I screeched the slashed her neck. (tel' nolse'ne velwe Irken means poor excuse for a Irken, it is old Irken.) The body laid limp in my grasp. Qui and Zyn where surprised. I looked at them, then the dead body I through on the floor. Then cleaned the blood of my Lagger with the nurse's shirt and put it back in my pack.
"Zyn, who do you feel," I said in a cold voice.
"Better no more pain," he mouthed.
"Good," I seised the smiled a bit.
"Qui crack the code on the tube," I demeaned.
"Fine with me," she said.
"QIR, you help her," I she to the very quite robot.
I knew that I worn out this planet's welcome and had to leave it.

Chapter #2 Part #2: Say good bye
While Qui and QIR where working on the code. I was thinking about what I just did 15 minutes ago. "I killed a Irken, a Irken, one of my own kind, but why, why?" the thought in my head told me. I looked at Zyn, he looked so much better, I guess that he just needed his family. I sat on the ground and looked at the door of the room, "I needs to be blocked, they will come looking, the soldiers," I thought.
"Qui, come help me block the door and QIR keep working," I ordered them.
"Vi, quite being so bossy, you are giving me a headache," Qui barked then came by my side.
"Well, I will shut up when I want to, got that," I hissed at her.
"No, you need to shut it now," she barked back.
"I just killed someone, I am on the run from the Armada soldiers, and blew up a parking lot today, but don't forget about Zyn, my day was wonderful," I yelled back.
That is when Qui hit me across the face. "I had enough of your crap," she hissed. "If you want it that way fine, you will suffer mo`en chael ralwn," I warned as I jumped toured her and slashed her in the face. (mo`en chael ralwn = you low piece of trash) Just then the tube open, all the liquid pored out and Zyn jumped out, "Quit it you two," he ordered.
"Stay out of this, you little runt," I screeched then hit Qui again. She got up and hit me in the face. A bitter taste came to my mouth, blood.
"You will pay."
"Yeah right."
"Qui, themuk neabe bealve meva!" (themuk neabe bealve meva = don't temp me to kill you)
"Leadow ose bealve themle!" (not if I kill you first)
Zyn run in front of us and yelled once more, "Stop now." That is when I realized that what was going on, put my guard down but still looked at Qui. She saw me do that and lunged toured me. I put a force field around me, knocking Qui down. She got up and looked at me. "Zyn is right we are sisters, twins, friends, now we will both stop this," I said in a soft voice. (When are mother had us we were twins and when we were put in the tubes right after I was "reborn" a month before Qui.)
"That is true," she said to me while breathing hard, "I will stop if you will."
"Fine with me, by the way I see you got your attitude back," I remarked.
"I got my act back together while trying to break the code," she smirked. We shook hands for a truce. "Good, well lets get out of here and get a few new outfits, because mine is torn up, yours is also and Zyn needs something besides that hospital gown, if that is ok with rest of you," I asked.
"Sure, why not and I think Zyn needs it," Qui said then pointed to Zyn.
"Hey! It's not like I wanted to wear this," Zyn yelled.
"Ok then, QIR look and see if there is anyone out there waiting for us, go threw the window," I told the 'bot, he crash threw and looked around and came back.
"No, one like that, mistress, it is clear," it reported.
"Ok lets get moving, Zyn do you think you can make it down?" I asked.
"I still feel weird, I don't know," he shimmered.
"I will carry you down, as for you Qui I know that wont be a problem for you, so hop on my back and lets get moving now!" I ordered. (We were two stories up because the nurse told us to go on the elevator.) So we jumped over the edge of the window and huge from it. We swung to the wall and gripped it with are claw like fingers and put are feet in the cracks of the wall. We started down and made it to another window. "Lets rest for a moment," Qui demanded. We rested on the window seal. A nurse came to the window to open it, she came by and screamed when she saw us. She ran to the intercom and called for security. "Not again, damn," I hissed, "we're leaving now lets move!" We started down again and when we got to a window we stopped and the jumped again, this happen 5 more times. We got to the dumpster and jumped on the edge of it and landed on the ground. I let Zyn down and called QIR to come now. He came on his jets and then landed. We ran to the Wardrobe Room were I first got

Chapter #2 Part #3: Slaves
While on the ship. During the late evening, while my siblings were a sleep I laid there wondering. I wondered if my parents were killed in the war or made salves. The war they fought in was the war between the Leikans and Irkens. That was another reason I was going there. Soon felt to tiered to keep up and fell a sleep. ~Bang~ I woke up when I heard the noise so did Qui and QIR. I got out my Lagger and Laser pistol. Qui got out her Laser too and QIR went into defensive mode. We stood around Zyn he was still asleep.
"Who's there, show your self, cowered," I hissed and looked in the darkness. I used my antenna to pick up any sound or movement. "Come out of hiding and show your self, now," Qui growled. Foot steps came toured us. But more then one person's could be heard. One of them chuckled and out of the darkness. It was a lizard like person, with spike like hair on its head, it had yellow cat like eyes, his tale had a barb on it and light red tone skin. He held a staff it looked like a scythe but had 3 blades, one longer then the rest. It was an Leikan but more came out of the shadows, there was about 12 of them.
"We are here for your ship, valuables, and yourselves," he said in a gruff voice, "ah, well, I see that your Irkens, you will be much better to come then, Irkens make wonderful slaves."
"When I die, is the time I will ever work for the likes of you," I spat.
"I would never work for a lizard," Qui barked.
"Well, well, now we can do that for you no problem," he said calmly.
"Its you, your the one that almost killed, Zyn," Qui hissed.
"What, your the one that was looking for me," I asked the Leikan.
"What do you mean by that, Irken?" he questioned.
"You know the Dark Irken do you remember," I hissed at him.
"You, you are the dark one," he hissed and pointed at me.
"Yes I am and your going to die, a long painful death," I hissed loudly and went in a battle possession.
"My army get them!!!" When he said those words we went forward. Putting a shield in front of us, I charged toured them. Each Leikan that came up to me was slashed or shot. Unaware of what was behind me I kept fighting. Tell I was slashed in the back with that scythe staff and fell to the ground. I held my side that was hurt and tried to look at it. The leader stuck again and this time it hit me in the face. I started to go blind in one eye and began to lose consciousness. I tried to get up but was stuck again in the back where my pack was. The damage in the pack sent pain in my spine and I went unconscious.
I woke up and looked around. I still couldn't see from my eye. I was in a small room with other Irkens all of them chained up to the walls. I looked for Qui and Zyn. I tried to sit up but the pain was to bad. Laying on the floor, I heard on of the Irkens say, " so your up, but pretty messed up, what happened?" The Irken helped me up carefully and I told him what happened. "They came on our ship and were going to try to steal our ship and make us slaves. It was my sister, Qui, my brother, Zyn, my robot, QIR, and my self. Zyn was asleep and the rest of us tried to attack them but, it was hopeless. Now I am here and I don't know were the rest of my family is. All of this over to Kill the Leikans... But where am I exactly? Oh, by the way my name is Vi."
"I am Lowmen, and you are and we are on Wekavem's ship, Wekavem is the Leader Leikan that attacked you, we are heading toured their planet and we are to become there slaves, like many before us," Lowmen sighed.
I move over more toured the light. When I did Lowmen saw my eye and winced when he saw it. "It is that bad, I never saw how it looked but I am alone blinded in one right now," I muttered wipping some of the blood and dirt way from my face. The gash on my face was still bleeding and hurt like hell. I looked down at the cut on my side it was getting infected too. I had a hard time focusing my eyes and keeping up on the wall. My eyes started to close, but I struggled to keep them open. It was no use I went unconscious again.
This time when I woke up I could not see a thing there was a light in my eyes. A big bright light, but when I tried to move I couldn't. For a second I thought that I was still in pain but the reson I could not move was that I was tied down. I tried to look to the left side and when I did I saw a Female Leikan with some type of machine in her hands. She had a scared expression when saw me starring at her.
"I... I," that is the only thing she was able to say.
"Where the hell am I," I hissed at her then a growl came from my throat. "Speak now, I may be tied up but still I will hurt someone, trust me! I will get revenge!"
"That is what they all say but still die or worked to death, but you should be quite, Irken scum," a voice said on the right side, growled. When I heard that voice I shot my head the direction. "But you are not just a Irken, you are a threat to all living things."
"Me, little old me, the nothing, the small, the no one, a mean THE THREAT," I screamed and tried to brake free, "the threat to all that is a live and dead, the threat to every thing in the universe, no shit! That is what I know, but never do."
The Leikan on the right then smacked me in the face, but as she withdrew her hand I bit down hard and long. "Now where am I," I spat at them. I hissed at them, "I will aways hate your kind so don't think I will help you in any way, except to a long death!"
"Sure, sure whatever you say, Irken, but you are not gone to live for long, you are the one that is gone to die," she loathed. "Were are doing to kill you, but why you are in this room is because first we were doing to heal you and make you a slave. You have changed that with your actions, death is what you want, well you are gone to give you that."
But for the first time the coward Leikan spoke, "I have remanded quite long enough, Nemale you are right, this Irken doesn't deserve to live, so I do agree." She then looked down at me and bared her fangs, her spikes went up. "You are such a bad seed to your kind!"
"Shut up, I had enough of this," I loathed and tried to move. My eyes went bright and a shock of energy flowed through me. I used my energy to move every one around me to fall over with force. But Nemale got up and gabbed me with a syringe. "You will die from this scrum, all Irkens have! But you are going to die slowly and painfully!"

Chapter 2 Part 4: Death? Maybe later.
Laying there on the table slowly dyeing is the most painful thing that ever happened to me. Not only physically but mentally, this way of dyeing made you think and it brought tears to my eyes. "I let down my family and friends, Qui, Zyn, Lom, QIR, Vel, Lowmen, the other slaves, the Tallest, my own kind, everyone... I should die any way because the way I the treated everyone I ever met. I am such a jerk, I always fought with my sister and made everyone near me want to run away. The nurse I killed did nothing but wanted me to leave but she paid with her life," this went through my head over and over.
"So who does it feel to die by the race that you hate so much," Nemale hissed.
"I... I still ... will kill..," I muttered and coughed up blood, "you ... better not...think that... I finished."
"Pitiful, just pitiful you are dyeing yet you think that you still can win...," she loathed but I budded in by pulling my arms free from the metal shackles, then my legs.
"Like I... said I will... ki..kill you," I stuttered and painfully got up, "I poisoned and hurt, but... I will..., I swear it!"
Another energy wave ran through again. This time using telekinesis I lifted everything (but the Leikans) up off the ground and began to make is spin around the room. The Leikans were shocked by this.
"Now say good bye!" I hissed and 'threw' the table at them first, it hit the coward one.
"Bullseye and now for the pain in the ass Leikan, Nemale, come on down! And take your whoopn'' like a Leikan, opps I forgot Leikans are scum never trust them or make them fight. Oh well, Nemale you know that death is knocking for you and not me now!"
She began to shake "how.. how is this happening, you are to be dyeing and weak but you are now fighting and acting crazy!"
"Craziness is my friend and when you have enough of it you can keep on going tell the end," I screeched. "Now let me see, I am crazy, yes. I am angry, oh very. Why? Well, I am pissed off by a Leikan that thinks she always right. I guess that is a good reason. What do you think, Nemale?"
I hurtled more things down at her. She was soon covered in things from tables to tape. I stood there for a long time waited for movement but nothing happened. I talked over there and looked. Dead, both of them dead. Falling over weak again I whispered, "well, death is what I said and it came but to you and now me."
I looked around for an antidote. I came across with a syringe of what was injected into me. I looked for a computer in the room. Found one, and put the syringe's scrum it a dish and put it in a slot. I typed a few keys to initialize the poison.
"Come on, come on," I yelled at the computer it finally was done, "yes, now to see if there is an antidote."
I began to type again, the computer began to search again. After a while it was finished looking.
"One found," it replied, "open file?"
"Opening now..."
I looked through the file and found what I was looking for but it was in a code. I decide hack in the computer and decode the file. Then I remember my pack was messed up so I took it off and looked at it. A few of the hacking wires were messed you but the rest are fine. Hooking the pack back on I started to choke. It became hard to breathe, it took a lot of struggling and gasping to get a breath. I knew I had to work faster, the wires shot out and hooked up to the computer. I sat down and laid back on a chair, thinking about what would happen if I dyed. Then the voice of the computer came back.
"Unicoding finished."
"Good, good ... now lets ... see what it ... says," I choked.
I looked at the file again and it was in Irken now. It was about the antidote, I was right. There was a problem I would not have enough time to get it. The antidote was made from a plant called Nevise Vine, but the plant was on a different planet, in a different galaxy. I looked at the rest of the file. There was one hope it said something about a spell or something like that. It was a tell of forgetting who you are. It was for the Dark Irken I could tell. "Strange, what does this have to do with any thing?" I thought, "but if it will help in away I guess it is worth a try."
So I looked at the poem type thing and recited it like the file told. It said to sit on the ground, kneeling and closed my eyes and spread my arms out in front of me. "OK here goes nothing,
'I live in a shadow of someone else,
This is not me,
Not my true self,
I forgot my old ways,
Not sure what I was or who,
I am a shadow of a none existent being,
I am false life drifting in the way,
Drifting in the way of who I am,
Who I use to be,
Just a shadow of now to ever be,
because of setting my darkness free.' "
(This poem it owned by me, the author)

The last line drifted in the air, echoing in the room. My eyes lit up once more but I did not force it. My pain slowly went away. There was a voice, I voice in my head, not mine, it told me something. "You are healing now but there is a catch, you will be cursed now young dark one. 'because of setting my darkness free' this part means that the evilness from with in was let go. Which means it took over that person and made them a shadow of darkness. Which means I will curse you with darkness that will make to a true Dark Irken. Now you should have read the rest of the file, he, then you would know about thing but you are a fool, brave but still a fool. Now are you ready to become what you are meant to be?"
"What ... choice...~cough~ do ... I have," I choked still can't breath right," ...yes, I ready ... but can I a...asked you one ... thing?"
"What is it, Dark One," the voice asked.
"My... family a..are they.. still alive... can you answer ~gasp~ ~cough~ that," I asked waiting for a reply.
After a while the voice answered, "Yes, I can answer that for you and the ones named QIR and Qui are fine but the little one named Zyn is in trouble..."
I then cut in with a strong voice filled with hate, "if they harm he in any way they will die, sprit, or whateveryouare, make me a Crouwn Irken." (Crouwn= Dark)
There was a big flash of blue light over me and then a weird feeling came over me. My back began hurt like the cuts the scythe gave me. My shoulder blades began to arch back and fill with pain too. Then a burst of blood came from my back fallow by a pair of black wings. They reminded me of the one's of a dragon.
The same pain came to my antenna. Long black spikes shot out of them. My body started to heal and feel warm. Jade Green strips covered my body. They burned through my clothing, boots and gloves. My wounds were healed but left big scars. I could see out of my right eye again. Breathing was easy again.
"You are healed, Vi of the Darkness, now I can give you new clothing but the rest is up to you," the voice greeted the new me.
"Yes, that would be nice, thank you," I replied looking down at the remands of my clothing.
A bright light came over me but this time it was black. It covered my torso, legs down to my feet and my arms but my hands. It soon faded and was replaced by a black shirt with sleeves up to my elbows, they were tattered. It covered my chest but left my stomach bare. My new pants were just like my old ones but the waist band was tattered too. My old gloves were still the old ones but sense the stripes burned most of it way all was left was the wrist part and the palm. They were now fingerless. On the ends of my now-sholder length antenna had spike like rings. Last but not lest my new boots. They had buckles on the front and each had a long blade on the back. The toes of them had a curved blades only one on each.
"There you are, now I have to go, by the way I am a sprit, Veca," the sprit said for the last time.
"Well were is a mirror when you need one," I thought looking at myself.
That is when I remembered my pack but it was broken. I was healed so maybe, yes fixed and now more smaller for my wings. Soon a full sized mirror came out and I was surprised like when I was born. My eyes were different again but now more pretty. Were the were first red was now a fiery orange-red. The blue was jade green but the black was just the same. Over my right eye was a scar. The spikes were just so cool, but sharp. When I ran a finger over my antenna my finger began to bleed.
"Ow, well now I wont do that again," I thought and wiped the blood off.
Looking again at my refection, I looked at the clothing. The boots were my favorite part. My hand carefully ran over one of the blades. One false move and you lose a lim, but the blades were just so perfectly made. The tips could be very useful when it comes to kicking, the curved blades hag off the edge about an inch or 2. I the boots were very well crafted none of the blades wouldn't come lose. They were wielded in with steal brackets.
I then remembered about Zyn. I decided to try out my wings for the first time. Stretched my wings out and then began to flap. Soon off the ground and in the air I fell out the window in the room I was in, it was next to the computer. When the glass broke I waited for the pain, from the glass shards, to come. But when I opened my eyes I was safe and not harmed. I realized that my energy barrier, was up. My new strength was different. Now when I just think of something it works easily without much power.
Zyn, is more important, I had to get him out of there but where is he. I thought real hard to contact him. Telepathy, was the only way.
"Where is he, come on," I thought, "Zyn, Zyn!"
"Vi," a weak voice answered, it was him.
"Zyn, where are you," I asked.
"I...I am at a slave mine, in the hills over in the West..." he stopped, then started again," ask Qui she is here too."
He faded away...
"No, Zyn, Zyn!!," I cried out, ""