Name: Zita
Age: 11 or 12
Race: Human
Grade: 6th
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Brown
Clothes: a black and blue horizantly striped dress, black headband
Halloween: Alien like creature
"Aw, not this again. You're crazy!"
"Okay, now that makes sense!"
"Oh, Peepi, so cute!"
"You got bologna on his head!"
"Hey, what's that nasty sandwichy smell?"
"Dib seems more crazy than normal today. "
"But Dib's got a long history of crazy. For all we know, Zim's just weird."
"The Letter M has a good point, but Dib's always screaming like a howly monkey."
"Okay, Maybe Brian's right."
"We think Dib's even crazier than normal today! Can we use one of our crazy cards to send him to the crazy house for boys?"
Future Occupation: Nurse
Other Info: She sits in back of Zim.  From the episodes, it looks like she does a lot of the talking back to Dib when he is trying to explain something.