Where He's Vulnerable

Both Almighty Tallest Red and Almighty Tallest Purple stared intently at the screen, waiting for a report. Two reports to be exact. One from Zim and one from his commanding officers. They looked at each other and Purple sighed and dropped his head.

"Hey, Purple," Red weakly smiled. "What's wrong?"

It took a while before he could answer. Finally, he turned to Red. "Do you think it's over?


"You know. Us begin the rulers. Us everything. Us being together. Us living. Us holding the Irken Empire together. Many are starting to doubt us. They are joining the Gorokens."

"Are you doubting us?" Red tried to not to snicker. "We are the supreme rulers. We'll never lose our power and fail to hold the Irken Empire together. And for those Irkens who are left, are they not the best, bravest, strongest, and the most loyal of our soldiers? There is no reason to be afraid, Purp, don't worry." Red placed his claw on Purples shoulder. "And you know we're inseparable. Through everything, we'll be together."

Red took Purple's claw and held it with his. They grinned boyish grins, ones they hadn't shown since the times they use to assassinate each other.

"Incoming Transmission . . ." beeped the computer. The Tallests looked toward the screen and saw the static becoming clear to show Zim, Dib, Gaz, and Kree.

"My Tallests," bowed Zim, who had grown taller because of the human diet. "We are all prepared to fight. We'll do whatever to defend the Irken Empire, and our loyalty is yours."

They all bowed. Red observed them all. They were all solemn, serious, all in a state that he had never seen them like. Dib and Zim would even have a quarrel during the report or something close to a fight. They would all be sarcastic and joking, but today was different. Even GIR, who was in the background, was in a salute.

"Thank you all." Purple replied.

"It is the least we can do, Tallests." Kree said.

"Your officers have began their journey home safely, and expect a report anytime soon. We'll be flying over there in our ships shortly." Dib added.

"We'll expect you." Red said.

"This is Invader Zim-"

"Dib Membrane-"

"Kree Sever-"

"Gaz Membrane-"

"Signing off." Zim saluted and finished. The screen became static, but only for a moment, because another transmission came in right after.

"My Tallests!" Greeted the Commander, who was in Purple robes. "We arrived safely on Earth, and requested help from Zim."

"Yes, thank you." Red thanked, remembering the way he would always use to be sarcastic to them, but there wasn't time for that anymore.

"We are on our way . . . but . . . ."

"But?" Purple questioned.

"Well, an Earthling was spying on us. And we well, we couldn't get rid of her. So we um . . . well, captured her and she is with us."

"What?!" Red shouted.

"She knows everything about the war and our secrets. She is too much of a threat to the Irken Empire. If any of the Gorokens find her, which they can very quickly, they will use her." The Commander explained.

"She?" Purple finally forced out, flabbergasted.

"Well, yes . . ." Then a large yell was heard in the background. "Um, just a moment . . . ." The Commander turned around. "WHAT?" He yelled. "YOU LET HER ESCAPE??? WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE ESCAPED ON HER OWN??? NO ONE CAN ESCAPE AND IRKEN PRISON!!" He turned back to the Tallests and tired to look calm again. "We'll sign off. Expect us shortly." The screen went static.

They looked at each other again. Red shook his head. "Another issue to deal with. Her. This is more chaotic than even listening to Zim's transmissions before."

"I know . . ." That wasn't on Purple's mind though. "Her . . . Sheesh . . . . Some tough human."


"If I ever meet someone, it will be an Irken."


"A her." Purple grinned.


"She'll be tough, just like her. But into books . . . and smoke machines . . . heh heh . . ."

Red glanced at Purple, grinning to. "Sorry, Purple, but . . . lasers" he lowered his voice.

A laser came into view. "AAGHHHHH!" Purple yelled.

Red began to laugh. "That wasnt even a laser! That was a light!!!" He laughed. "Sorry bout that . . . hehe . . . I wanted to have a little bit of our old life . . ."

Purple smiled. "Yeah, I was forgetting what it was like . . ."

They heard the Commander's ship fly in. They would have to meet the human now and determine whether she would live or die . . .