The Story of Zan
Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Two days laterMs. Bitters was her usual self, a grumpy, old woman. " When is she coming?" Dib was asking himself. He looked at Zim. Zim was drawing a picture. He looked behind Zims desk where Zita sits. He looked at Brian, Melvin, Keef, Willie and the Old kid. Everyone seemed pretty normal, but something was missing in his class. Then it caught his eye. The two desks beside him were empty. Two? Who else is coming? Dib was confused. He was pretty sure he saw two empty desks "Class, today we are having two new students." Dib heard what he heard, 'TWO', "This is Naz" Dib had heard enough! Naz backward is Zan! "A secret code! Good trick, Zan, but I can see right through it!" Dib thought, smiling. When 'Naz' sat down Dib leaned to her and whispered, "I know that's you Zan!" she looked at him weirdly and said, "What are you talking about?!" Dib frowned and said, "Stop playing around! I know it's you! You know I do thatumwait" He heard a familiar voice talking at the corner of his ear, " Sorry I'm late Ms. Bitters, I was in the library, trying to find an actual chapter book"Ms. Bitters looked at her with an unbelieving look. Class this is another new student, Zan." Dib looked up. There stood Zan in a Japanese schoolgirl outfit, oval glasses (just like Cal) and her hair down.

Dib looked at Zan. "Zan, if you have something to say, say it now. Because after this moment, I don't want to hear another sound from you!" Zan looked up with her back straight and recited a small poem,
"You can say what you want [I'll just sit.]
But when you push me around [you will suffer]
You take my lunch and eat it yourself [you will pay]
You want to fight me after school?
Bring it on, you wimp!
Sorry I got carried away!"
Part 3#
Ms. Bitters liked that poem, but soon returned to her normal self. "Okay. Sit Down!" Zan rolled her eyes. She saw Naz and did a secret hand shake. "Hey, that kid thought I was youerwaitYeah I werewait" Zan looked at Dib and winked. She sat right by Dib. Ms. Bitters started to talk again, "Today we're talking about earth. Zita, what do you think will happen in the future?"
"Trees will fly"
"The circus will be as big as the moon"
"I will rule all you stinky earth monkeys with my iron fist!"
"Okay that's all. Go outside early. I've heard enough of you Zim!"
Zan, Dib and Naz laughed. All the kids ran outside saying 'Zim rocks!' and ' You go Zim' except Dib, Zan and Naz. When they got outside Naz said unexpectedly, "Oh! And DibI'm not a girl!" They all laughed at Dibs mistake.