The Day Earth Met Vi and Regretted It

Slowly waking-up Vis body began to have spasms. She began to cough-up blood. She chest was on fire, she had to breathe slowly so that it did hurt as much. Her memory slowly came back; she remembered the guards, shooting, and the death of her family and her. Anger took over she began to pound the ground with her fists. She let her family down and friends. That is when she recognized something different about her hands. They were a pale peach color she looked down at herself. She still had the same boots and gloves but the rest of her was different. She had no wings, antenna, or her pack. She felt her head she had hair, long as her antennae were or at lest she though because it was up in a clip. Her face had a nose that stood out of her face and ear; her ears had rings on them. She was taller and maybe older.
She looked around- and found out she was on a roof of a building. It might have been a skyscraper or just a very tall building. Many other buildings around the same size or shorter surrounded it. She was in a city, on a planet she knew nothing about. Saw a creature that had peach like shin and the other new features she has, but it had glasses. It wore a magenta dress with black and maroon stripes; her pants were the same. It also wore black gloves and boots the same color as the dress. Maybe an inhabitant but it looked like it was unconscious. She slowly moved toward the creature, it was about the same age as she and a female of course it wore a dress.
Vi shook the female and spoke lowly because her chest was still hurting her. "Come on wake up, ouch! Stupid Leikan soldiers and their guns. Come on inhabitant wake up!"
Slowly the teenage female began to awake. When she opened her eyes it made Vi jump because the girls eyes were so different then any other creature she had ever seen. The irises were a light purple and had had small pupils. This made Vi wonder if she had eyes like this. The teenaged girl looked up at Vi with a why-are-you-starring-at-me-look. Vi soon noticed this and asked the teen.
"Are you ok I saw you laying here unconscious. My name is Vi."
The female looked at Vi with big eyes, "Vi were alive, its me, Qui! I guess the Goddess gave us another chance."
Vi gave her twin a big hug, "I am so glad that Im not by myself, I wonder where we are."
Soon as Vi had finished her sentence someone came threw the door near her and Qui. This time it was a male about their age or a bit older. He was about 56 and very thin. He had features like them but had shorter hair that was very spiky, blue eyes, and pale skin. Qui and Vi starred at him because it looked like he was wearing an Irken Invader Uniform but the only difference was trench coat he was wearing over it.
The teen boy raised an eyebrow. "I thought I heard something up here. I never saw you two here before are you new students? Wait, I know one of you."
The teen pointed at Vi, "Your Vi arent you?"
Vi slowly nodded and nervously asked, "How did you know my name."
"I guess its your hair; not many people I know at this collage have black and purple put up in a clip. Then it is sticking out every where, so I guess you get the point." The boy said like it was no big deal.
So that is what my hair looks like. Vi was surprised at his answer then replied with a lie. "Well, I have not a great idea who you are but if you tell me I might know."
"My name is Dim Irkea, and you are in my Art class, Vi."
Vi arched an eyebrow she heard this guys name before on Irk but it could have be a just a coincidence. There was his clothes she looked at Qui and nodded. Qui did the same for, as she knew that name too.
So Qui began to ask Dim, "So your name is Dim, huh, well we knew a Dim from some where."