"Goodbye, Dib"

"GIR!!!!!!! Zim yelled. "Get the *#$& over here!"
GIR's head popped out from the ceiling. "Awwwwwwwwwwww, master is not happy . . ."

Zim started typing a secret code into his underground network. "I told myself I would never use this again, but situations have gone too far." He muttered to himself. Finally, a red button held by a mechanical arm steered itself to Zim. He hesitated, but only for a moment. He put his finger on the button, and pushed it.

Lights flashed as buzzers rang and rang. Annoying rings, beeps, and other noises that there possibly was throbbed in Zim's Irken ears. The ground began to tremble and a secret door on the ground opened itself up. The floor rose, revealing the Time Object Replacement Device.

"M-master?" GIR stuttered. "Isn't that what we used to try to kill Dib?"

"Yes . . . It is." Zim grinned evilly. "And we will be using it for the same purposes." Zim typed in "Dib" in the "subject box". He flicked through the screen, watching for the perfect moment he would strike.

Finally, he saw one that caught his eye: Dib was just a little boy, maybe only four years old. He had the same black spiky hair and glasses. He had the trenchcoat and shirt as well. His sister was in view but not looking toward him. No one else was in view. A ball was thrown at Dib anonymously.

Zim's grin grew even wider. He could get rid of this pestering fool forever. No one to stand in his way! He opened a drawer and pulled out an Irken dagger, with the sign of Irk on it. Smiling, he took it and placed it on the table. He began typing on the computer and began the process. It was ready.

"Goodbye, Dib." Zim snickered. All Zim could think of was victory at last. He threw the knife into the running Time Object Replacement Device, and watched the screen.

The screen showed that the ball was no longer a ball, but a perilous knife. Little Dib taken aback by the sudden change could not move. The knife rested deep into his chest, and he fell to the ground, blood staining his clothes. Weaker and weaker he grew, as his sister ran over to him, crying for him for the first time. Dib too, had tears in his eyes, but he was trying to be brave. He hugged his sister for the last time and . . .

He had no pulse.

However, in the present, a light blinded the entire area . . .

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