She began to shake him a little, gently, but enough to try to wake him up. She stroked his emerald green head slowly and hesitantly, with her trembling hand. A long bloody cut across his neck caught her eye. She took out a vial that hung from a string around her neck filled with a clear liquid. She opened the vial and dabbed some of the liquid on her fingers. She rubbed her fingers against his cut. The cut began to heal and disappear. Making sure it healed completely, she felt his ski. His skin, was cold to the touch, but was filled with some hidden mysterious warmth. It was soft and smooth, delicate, with of course an inhuman touch to it.

She smiled a little. She remembered as a kid, she always imagined aliens as those funny green and silver men with no noses, ears, or clothes. Or there were those scary octopus creatures with hundreds of tentacles and eyes with big laser guns to invade the earth with. No, Zim was different. A human like alien, meaning similar human features, with an inhuman personality. With a kind of I'll-do-whatever-it-takes-to-get-it attitude. Someone she would have liked to known or met when she was younger, or when she was not in this position. That fiery spirit was practically identical to hers.

She sighed. One of the reasons she had always wanted to meet some other life form other than a human. She didn't seem to possess human characteristics and she felt so apart from her own race. There wasn't a human out there she felt was exactly like her. She pitied Zim and the suffering he had to go through, even though she had equally felt the same pain emotionally. obody, nobody in the universe deserves the worst torment from the being that could be the cruelest:  man.

Then again, they could be the kindest beings but she hadnt met one like that yet . . .


Images flashed through Zim's dreaming head. He saw Dib. Laughing Dib. Running Dib. Smiling Dib. Dying Dib. Sad and lonely Dib. Then, the same girl that he saw from the future approached Dib and he saw them talking and smiling. They both looked happy. Then, he saw GIR insanely riding his pig with the Crazy Taco hat on his head. GIR jumped onto Zim, squeezed him tight, hugging him. Zim closed his eyes, smiling, and then looked down to see GIR, but it was Gaz. In his mind, he saw all theses images of her alone and sad. Zim, without even clearly thinking, held her back.

Zim woke up, seeing that the girl who came in yesterday with food had come again. He saw a plate a few inches away from his nose. He sat up.

"Thank you." He said quietly, beginning to eat. He was a bit embarrassed about saying "thank you" to a human.

"No problem," she started. "How are you today?"

"I would answer this a little more harshly, but I would lose my chances of getting food." He joked. "I'm okay, but I'm still in this lousy hell hole."

"I guess it was kind of a stupid question to ask." She admitted. "I overheard your conversation with Gaz yesterday. You seem to be the questioning type."

"No, that would be Dib." Zim chuckled, remembering Dib always trying to find out his home planet, his secrets, his plots or throw any other questions to annoy him. "My questions, most of them, at least, are never answered. It's an odd and addictive feeling to have your questions answered for once."

"I guess so. She smiled. "Zim, who is Dib?"

"I guess everybody knows my name." Zim grimaced.

"Yeah, you've been in the news a lot in the past, and now even parents use your name to frighten kids and make them behave well as if you were some horrible monster. It really is terrible."

"Well, it still saves me a lot of time telling people what my name is." He snickered.

Enjoying his comments she replied, "Yeah, lucky for you. But, I have to waste time doing that still. My name is Kree."

More questions began to blink in Zim's head. "How did you get into this service?"


"Working with the rulers of the world." Zim rolled his eyes, knowing that it SHOULD have been him who should  be the ruler of Earth.

Grinning, she replied, "I guess this will be followed by another long list of questions?"

"Don't be surprised if it is."

"They hired me mostly for inventing weapons and tools,
but mostly, I just do the fixin'. Like when the
generator for the building breaks down, weapons are
smashed to pieces, the stove sets on fire, the lights
go out, the weather satellite goes haywire, and long
lists of other stuff. I keep my inventions to myself,
because they're too dangerous. I would never give them
any of my inventions."

"And you agreed to this job, because?"

"So I could help prevent or stop the problems and
chaos this empire causes." Kree sighed. "This empire
as it is, is a problem."

"So you don't work for money? Most pathetic humans
waste their time and risk their lives for this sorry
excuse for a reward." He questioned.

"I could care less about God damn money," she retorted
in disgust, but looked away as she added something.
"Yeah, now I could care less, but there was a time
when I did. When my family need the money, right after
the invasion. They said that they really needed me, so
I didn't fight with the rebellion like I wanted to. I
earned lost of money, slaving over my work and gave it
all to them. There were times when it was life and
death situation, fixing things really dangerous, but I
did it. I loved them so I did it all without a second
thought. But one day, they left. They just left,
taking all the money, leaving me without a care. I was

"They just abandoned you? And for all your hard work?"
Zim looked flabbergasted. "I mean at least they could
have used you a little more." Kree glared at him.
"Okay, never mind, forget I said that." He weakly
smiled. "They shouldnt have left you!" He started
over again.

"Humans are a funny race sometimes. I was just,
different to them. Crazy. But it isnt just them.
That's what everybody thinks. I haven't really had a
real conversation with anyone for more than a minute,
unless we were throwing insults at each other." She
smirked. "But God, when I was little, I would have
given anything to have just one lousy friend. Even if
he or she didn't care about me, I just wanted one
friend." She exclaimed. "Are Irkens like that?"

"Well," Zim started, feeling a bit embarrassed. "The
respect you get is mostly based on how tall you are.
I, being only 2'4" . . . he started.

"It's amazing what human diet can do for you." Kree
laughed. "You arent 2'4" any more.

Zim stood up, amazed that he had grown over THREE

"Well, I guess that changes something. When I WAS
2'4", nobody really did respect me but I knew the
Tallests did. They could see the Invader in me. That's
why they sent me to Earth because they knew I would be
able to handle it here." Zim said proudly, Kree
nodding her head, weakly smiling. "How is Gaz?" He
finally asked.

"Gaz hasn't come down to the office from her room
today. Still upset about yesterday, but nevertheless
confused in what to do next." Kree said, seeing pity
in Zim's eyes.

"What was she like before?"

"She was tough on herself. She kept herself strong but
was miserable for a long time. She didn't talk much,
only to give orders. After her brother's murder and
her father left her, she didn't have much left to hold
on to." Kree sighed.

For awhile, they were both quiet. Kree gazed out the
window, watching the sorrowful world out there as Zim
searched intensely for the right question.

"Do you think I am the murderer?" He finally asked.

"No, not really. I think Gaz just mistook you when she
saw the symbol of Irk and jumped to conclusions to
quickly. There are millions of Irkens out there. As
hostile as you seemed years ago, I really dont think
you would murder her brother."

"I-I did." Zim stuttered. "But everything's changed
and I would do anything to turn his death back into
the tiring chases we used to go through again."

"I know." She put her hand on his shoulder. "You know,
you really don't seem like an Invader or someone who
would really want to kill someone."

"Believe me, you have no idea." Zim retorted. "If you
tell anyone how pitifully I am acting, I will do
something to your human stinkbrain, maybe disintegrate

She laughed as stood up, with no signs of fear in herface. "I'll come back tomorrow and we'll talk somemore."

"Yeah," he began. "I'll tell you about Dib tomorrow."