Johnny and Vi, From a Twin's View

I sighed. Here I was being dragged along behind my twin again. I knew why she dragged me along with her, but I was tired of it. This time we were going to a new friend of her's house.
" Now what's this guy's name again Vi?" I asked for the hundredth time.
" Johnny." I got back again.
" And how exactly was it you two met?"
" We were admiring the same dagger in a sword shop." She stopped at the edge of a driveway. " Here we are, 777." I looked up at the house. It looked old and unkept, with boards over the windows and the lawn covered in weeds.
I looked around before I followed her up to the door. In a nearby yard two cats were chasing a squirrel around as a small boy clutching a torn up teddy bear watched. Poor kid, he looks like he's been traumatized for life. at the door my hand went up to smooth my hair and push my glasses up as Vi rang the doorbell. The door opened revealing a tall thin boy with bluish spiked hair. Vi definitely makes the weirdest friends.
" Hey Johnny, nice house." Vi said smiling cheerfully to him (creepy, Vi is usually very mad and smiles only when killing someone).
" Nny, you can call me Nny." He answered peering around the door.  " Who's this?"
" She's my twin, Qui, she follows me around to make sure I don't do anything bad." Nny smiled at this, probably laughing at her, not a good idea.
" Come on in Vi, Qui." He led us into his living room which had some bones, a few blood stains, and trash from brain freezys all over the floor.       " I'll show you my weapon collection." Oh Great. I hope Vi doesn't get any idea's from his weapons, it's hard enough trying to stop her from flushing WIR down the toilet, it'll be even harder trying to stop her from killing a human.
I looked up from the floor, Vi had somehow sneaked one of her daggers past my check and was showing it to Nny. He pulled out a dagger from nowhere and started to compare it with her's as they walked to another door. I looked at the walls and gasped. I shouldn't have let Vi come in here, now she would try to kill someone for sure if I didn't get her out of here soon. The room was stocked to the brim full of weapons; swords, daggers, saws, axes, chainsaws (with hockey masks), tasers, an iron maiden (does this guy kill people?), and even a . . . a spork.
" No guns." I said disappointed, if I were interested in any weapons it would be guns.
" Guns are to fast. They kill people to fast." Nny answered as Vi nodded in agreement.
" Oh . . ." Damn, the once chance for this to be interesting was gone. Oh well. I wandered around the room examining the blades one by one as Nny and Vi kept comparing different blades.
As I was examining a broadsword with what looked like fresh bloodstains on it, I heard arguing. I sighed, bent over and pulled something out of each of my boots and unfolded them. I turned around and just as I expected Vi had a murderous look in her eyes, or at least as murderous as human eyes could look, but not as I had expected, Johnny had one too. They both had blades out, Vi had her long spiked sword and Nny had two of his long daggers.
I walked to about four yards from them while turning a dial on of my two guns to level five, hot enough to melt pure steel, the dial on the other to five hours. While lifting the guns up I aimed precisely at Vi's head and one of Nny's daggers.
" Both of you, freeze. NOW." Vi looked over looking mad at me for interrupting her but quickly froze. Nny looked over also but didn't freeze.
"  What are you going to do with that weird pipe?" he said as he started to form that weird grin of his. " Hit me with it?"
" DON'T get her mad, those things aren't pipes . . . their very deadly laser guns, if you get her mad you should hope it's the stun gun." Nny's eyes moved to my gun as I shot his dagger. He yelped and dropped it as it melted into a white-hot puddle of white-hot liquid steel. " And did I mention her aim is just about like she is the woman with the golden gun?" (Very bad pun from a very perverted [yet funny] movie)