Invader Vi

If any of you the readers have a question or a want to say anything about the story "The Life of Vialitaly Nin" my email address is please only about the story! My favorite character is, well I have more then one but my most fav. is Zim then the Almighty Tallest. I wont tell you my age but my birth date, June 28th. What I like about Invader ZIM is the way the Charters act like the Irkens they are not like us and some ways they can be. Some things that I like to do are draw like fanart from TV shows and I draw things that are not real or can be. Another thing that is what I like to do is be a leader you know a boss I don't like others telling what to do. (but I am not a bully or some popular person) I am like any other person. The way I feel about IZ is good it is one of the best shows I have seen, I think that it can be fun at times and others weird but I like it. ^___^ What inspired me was other peoples stories, my life the way I can think or just what I want to say to someone but never could say it to his/her face. It is about what I think the unaverse can be and not. I made the story from some things from the show and my ideas. I am just one weird person or am I. (I make you think don't I?)
-The author of "The life of Vialtaily Nin"
Invader Vi/ K. J. M. Cushman ;)