In the Beginning

Kree Sever was born on May 31, in a town not far from Dib and Zims, but thats probably not important to you. Before, she lived a normal life. She lived with her sister, Lara, her mom and dad. Her mother and father taught her a lot and she played happily with her Lara, who was only a year younger than her. Her father and mother gave her a golden amulet and Lara a necklace with a sun. She was very intelligent for a little girl. She also earned her black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Everything was just perfect and happy. But happiness only lasts for a time. Her father died when she was 4.
Even for a 3 year old, Lara lost her happy spirit. She became very quiet and began drawing as her hobby. Lara became very grave and quiet. Kree tried to get closer to Lara, but Lara just push her away. Kree learned more and more about the world and became interested in the paranormal and the unknown. None of her skool mates liked her; they thought she was too smart and too weird. She was like Dib, someone who always talked about the paranormal. Her mother died when she was 5. Kree and Lara had no relatives to take care of her.
Thats when Kree built Stephanie. Since she came from a quite wealthy family, so she made up a mom. Stephanie was a realistic robot that resembled their mom. She had the same personality and knew how to cook and clean and love. She would be the parent to sign permission slips and take them to places. She had Kree and Lara's mother's ID. She also would know of Kree's plans and let her proceed with them, and keep them from Lara. Basically, Kree had control of Stephanie, but Stephanie had her own personality, which was the same as her mother's. Lara had no idea that their real mother had died and Stephanie was a robot. As planned, Lara thought Stephanie was her mother.
Kree was lonely though; she had no friends. Her own sister didnt want to be with her. At skool, everybody teased her and she was an outcast. She didn't care that everyone teased her, but she hated being lonely. She would sometimes talk to Stephanie, but there were times that even Stephanie could help her feel better.
She was six years old now. While trying to build a machine that would get her to different planets, she stumbled into a different dimension. There, she found two objects that would change her life. It was very similar to the real world but there seemed to be all sorts of objects and things were floating around. Kree saw a sparkling pen and sketchbook floating in the air. She grabbed it because she had forgotten her own and wanted to write down all she saw in the strange new dimension.
Kree walked all around and she saw a hand mirror. She decided to take it, so she could observe it in her lab. She looked all around, trying to find a way out of the dimension. She couldn't find it. Crying she sat down. She looked down at her pen and sketchbook. Barely thinking, she just wrote down "I am out of this dimension".
All of a sudden she felt herself spinning. Spinning and spinning, turning and turning, she felt like her body was tearing apart . . .
Then she landed in her room. She ran downstairs and saw Stephanie in the kitchen reading a book, and Lara drawing. She realized she was back at home. She glanced at the pen and sketchbook. She drew some money: Money appeared. She wrote, "Lara is going to start singing the Bloaties Pizza Hog song".
Then, immediately she heard Lara singing "Bloaties Pizza Hog! Bloaties Pizza Hog!"
Kree smiled. She finally found a way of living. She still didnt have a way of making money and now she could just draw and write her way out of any situation.
The only thing she couldnt fix was her loneliness. No matter how many times she tried to write, "I have friends", it wouldnt show up on the sketchbook. She could write and draw other things, though.
She was still lonely, but soon, that was about to change . . .


I drearily walked home from skool. Another day of third grade. Another day of endless loneliness. Another day of taunting and teasing from my skool mates.
I wiped the blood off my face. Usually, no one actually bullies me, but when they do, theyre always in for a bloody nose, a black eye, or a sore body part. Today, some boy just happened to chuck a rock at me so I knock him out, but it didnt make me proud. There was no one to share my pride with. No one to celebrate with. And why should I be proud that I punched him?
I opened my front door and walked into the kitchen. Lara had gotten home before me, obviously. She was in the living room, as usual. I walked upstairs into my room. I shut the door and ran to my bed. I lay down and closed my eyes; I cried. I cried for a few minutes.
Soon, Stephanie called me down for dinner. I went to the bathroom and washed my face and hands. I grabbed a hand mirror and looked at my face to see if my eyes were still red. I sighed. They weren't. "I know there must be someone out there just like me. I wish I could meet that person, or at least see that person . . ." I thought.
All of a sudden, the mirror started to glow with light. Then I saw someone. I saw a boy. He had black spiky hair and had glasses. He wore a blue shirt with a not so happy face and a black trench-coat over it. He had black pants and black boots. I was a bit surprised, because I had glasses and black hair, and I had the same trench-coat, boots, pants, and shirt (mine was red).
Stephanie called me again and I put the mirror down. I went downstairs, ate dinner, and came back up to see the mirror. I told the mirror to show me the boy again, though I thought it was stupid to do that but it worked. I saw the boy. He did look lonely. He was sitting on his bed and looking out the window. His brown eyes filled with sadness and loneliness. I longed to meet him.
At skool, I could think nothing other than the boy. Every night, I pulled out the mirror to see him. I wanted to become friends with him. I wanted to meet him.
I was 9 years old. One snowy winter night, I looked into the mirror and I saw him lying in the snow, unconscious. His trench-coat was covered in snow and I saw him shivering every few seconds. His glasses were all frosty and the snow began to cover him. He had blood on his face because of the bitter frostbite. There was no one around him. There was no one to help him. I took out my sketchbook and pen and wrote that I was where he was.
I transported to where he was and it was snowing hard. I looked carefully over the boy. He was ice cold. Then, I realized he wasnt breathing. I called for help, but no one was there. No one to help.
"What am I going to do?" I screamed in my head. I had no idea what to do. I knew one thing, but I wasnt so sure if I should do it. It wasn't exactly what most people would like to do. I mean, it was the CPR.
But I had to help him. I debated the thought over and over again. I had to save him or else he would die. He needed help. He needed to live. He needed to feel loved for once in his life. So, I leaned over and put my mouth on his and breathed out. It wasnt so bad. I felt a bit strange but it wasn't a bad feeling. He still wasnt breathing. I did it again. I did it a few more times. Then, he started breathing again. I shook him a little and tried to wake him up.
He weakly opened his eyes and I was overjoyed. I helped him up and took off my trench-coat and put it over his wet and cold one. I put my arm around him and he put his around my back. He told me which way to his house and I helped him walk there.
Soon I became extremely cold: It's hard to walk in the freezing cold with a T-shirt on. My arms were numb and they were jolted with icy pain. My teeth chattered, but I didnt care. I knew that he was in worse pain then I was.
We finally reached his house and I knocked on the door. A tall man who was in a white lab coat with dark glasses (goggles?) answered it. He quickly let us in and put the boy in his bed. The tall man told me his name was Professor Membrane. He thanked me for bringing his son home. I saw a girl with violet hair on the couch watching T.V. She was also drawing, though I couldn't see what she was drawing. I smiled to myself because she reminded me of Lara.
Professor Membrane led me to his son's room and told me I could stay with him for awhile. He closed the door. I looked at the boy. His eyes were closed and he was under the blanket. He shivered a little so I put the blanket over him more. I held his freezing hand and warmed it with mine. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled.
"Thank you." He whispered.
"Youre welcome." I smiled at him.
He smiled back. I felt happy; I had never been happy for so long but his smile, his eyes, they just swept away my past. I stroked his black hair.
"You remind me of someone I knew." He said.
"Who?" I asked gently.
"My mom."
A tear fell down my cheek. I guess he lost his mom, too. He lost the person who loved him. I realized we had so much in common.
"My name is Dib." He told me.
I didnt say anything. I just smiled. He closed his eyes and began to sleep. I went downstairs and grabbed my trench-coat. I took out my pen and sketchbook and wrote that I was back at home. I transported back home. I could only smile. Silence is okay, sometimes. It can explain everything.
I still watched Dib from my mirror every day, every night, and every chance that I got. Then, something happened. I knew it when I first saw him. I saw the alien. It was obvious to tell; he had green skin and no ears. He came to Dibs class and his name was Zim. Dib was more active now, but whomever he tried to convince that Zim was an alien, no one believed him. Zim also put Dibs life in danger a few times too.
There was this one time when Zim turned Dib into baloney and then Dib tricked Zim into turning himself into baloney. After they had almost fully turned into baloney, I made and antidote and vaccinated into their system when they werent looking. That's how they got out of that mess.
I watched Zim with my mirror carefully. I saw that he had a little sidekick named GIR and he was a robot or a SIR model. His disguise was a little green puppy. I learned all his secrets and everything Zim had done and was planning. I studied his underground lab and all the ways to get there. I also watched him, as a person. His emotions. Soon I figured a way that could probably stop Zim.
I never stopped watching Dib. I always looked after him, sort of like a guardian angel, but I am no angel. Sometimes, I go to his town so I can really get to see him again, in person. I'm always tempted to go up to him, but what would I say? "Hi, Im the girl who saved you two years ago", thats really dumb.
Then, it happened: Zim and Dib were having a battle for the fate of Earth. It wasnt fair, though. Zim was in a robotic suit and was much bigger than Dib. As I watched the battle, I saw Dib tossed mercilessly and he was scratched and bruised and bleeding. No matter how much pain he went through, he still kept on attacking back with his gun, but it was no use. Zim was much stronger.
Then, a life and death situation stood before Dib. Dib was lying down on the ground, weak from fighting. Zim had his fist ready to smash him.
"Goodbye, Dib, take this for ruining all my other plans! You'll be first to fall for your weak, filthy, disgusting, planet! You should be honored." taunted Zim.
"Youll never get away with this, Zim! You will get caught!" Dib shouted weakly.
Zim laughed as he launched the robot's fist again and targeted Dib. GIR watched from a distance as he was eating a cupcake and singing the doom song.
"Finally, my rival dead and gone! Irkens will always prevail!" Zim smiled. And he sent the fist speeding down.
"The Earth is doomed." Thought Dib, thinking it was the last thing he would ever think about. He closed his eyes and waited for the end.
I sloppily and quickly wrote something down with my pen on my sketchbook. I transported to where Dib and Zim were fighting. Zim's fist came speeding down onto Dib so I ran as fast as I could and grabbed Dib's arm and pulled him. I pulled him away from Zim and the fist hit the ground. I jumped up on top of Zim and scanned the robot body for the controls. I found the buttons on the leg of the robot. Zim made the leg shake and turn but I held on. I typed in the self-destruct code, something I had learned long ago. I jumped off but I scratched my arm badly. I ran over to Dib and helped him up. I hurried him out of the way and the robot with Zim inside, exploded.
Dib gasped and asked how I did that. I told him that I just typed in the self-destruct code. It works on all electronic devices all the time. I helped him walk home.
Remembering his house from two years ago, I found it quite easily. I helped to the door and opened it. He thanked me and I told him, "no problem". I started to walk away.
"Wait! Dont go! Dont you want to come in for awhile?" Dib asked me anxiously.
I knew he was trying to get me to stay. As much as I had liked to, I knew that work had to be done. "Thats okay. I don't want to bug you." I replied.
"You hurt yourself on your arm! Its bleeding! Ill fix it for you!" He pointed to my arm..
I looked at my arm. There was a pretty nasty cut over there, but Ive had worse. There would probably be worse in the future. "Ill be fine, itd really okay." I smiled at him. I saw Dib blush.
"Wait! Whats your name?! Will I ever see you again?" Dib ran up to me weakly as he limped.
I took his hand and walked with him back to his front door. "I assure you, we will meet again, real soon. Goodbye, Dib." I said and started walking away.
I smiled as I walked. I couldnt believe it turned out so well. Dib actually wanted me to stay. Then I made a decision. I had to live in this town. I had to move. Not just because I wanted to be friends with Dib, but Zims attacks and plots have been more severe and I had to protect Dib. Besides, I had to put some of my plans of stopping Zim from invading Earth now.
I walked to an empty area of land. I took out my sketchbook and a sparkling pen. I drew a house and drew Stephanie. Then, I drew Lara. Then, I wrote that they were here, and this was our home. I wrote some other stuff, like my things were there, my lab was there, land ownership, and other minor details. I looked up and walked towards the house I had drawn that was in front of me. I went inside to meet Stephanie cooking in the kitchen and Lara watching TV.
"Perfect, everything seems absolutely normal." I thought. I went upstairs and lay down on my bed. "I wonder if Ill make friends with Dib, like I've always dreamed of doing. Will he like me? Or will I still live in my loneliness? Will I stop Zim from invading Earth?"
I brushed my hair and cleaned my glasses. I changed into sleeping clothes and turned off the
lights . . .