History Goes Wrong

Dib laughed as Zim was lying on the ground on the sidewalk; face down, soaked with water. Zims hairdo swayed to and fro as he slowly stood up. Water was dropping from the ends of his pinkish red invader outfit. Zim's gloves had water in the finger parts of his gloves. Water squished in Zim's boots.

"You know, Im not affected to water anymore!" Zim glowered.

"I know. But you still get annoyed when I throw a water balloon at you so I want to annoy you! Doesnt that make perfect sense?" Dib smirked triumphantly.

"Shut up, Dib." Zim sneered. He started walking down the sidewalk. Dib chucked another water balloon at Zim. Zim flew right into a fire hydrant. If getting wet from the water balloon was bad enough, water shot out of the fire hydrant and landed right on top of Zim!

Dib could not control the laughter of the sight. He was nearly laughing with tears. As the water died down, Zim came out, drenched with water.

"The next time I laugh like this, or smile, I'll probably seeing you on an autopsy table or killing you myself." Dib grinned.

"You? Kill me? Ha, Dib. You actually think you have a chance in doing that? We'll see, Dib. Well see who kills whom! Just you wait!" Zim yelled. He started walking towards his house, the water in his boots making a loud squishing sound. Dib laughed and laughed till Zim was far from sight.

"Goodbye Dib"