GIR as SIR unit

DESCRIPTION: As a SIR unit, he's mostly blue and gray.
In his disguise. he's in puupy zipper outfit.
PARENTS: Almighty Tallests, and Zim is always with him.
LOVES: Chocolate bubble gum, tuna, cupcakes, tacos, burritos,The Scary Monkey Show, and stuffed animals.
OTHER DESCRIPTION GIR is a messed up SIR. He (it?) was made from garbage. The tallest didn't want to waste a real SIR on Zim, so they made GIR for him. Zim thinks he's advanced, but he's not. GIR is Zim's sidekick.
GIR is crazy and insane. He explodes when he gets too confused. He is very famous for the DOOM SONG.

GIR in disguise